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I'm Painting the cladding! And hints and tricks would be great


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:help: I have a red '02 z71 with the grey cladding. I'm definitely a fan of the cladding but I really want to paint it black. After reading through the other post on the topic there are a few different ways to go about it. Just wondering who has painted theirs, what you used, what it ended up costing, and of course how it turned out! Thanks guys, I appreciate the input in advance.


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I painted mine I was using good car wash some windexthen a degreaser. After that 2 coats of adhesian promoter then 3 coats of black plastic paint. It's worked well drug it down trees and no problem total price I belive was $150 mark. It's 1 can of degreaser 1 can of bulldog adhesian promoter and two cans of black paint. The bulldog stuff was the most pricy but one can just barley did the whole truck mind you I did not do bumpers or covers. I'll post pics some time.


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I'm interesting in painting my '07 rear trunk cladding/sails as well. Let me know what you guys decide and the results. (y)


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I did mine back in 07 after 9 years it's still holding up well.

3 words of advice PREP PREP PREP.

Although I sanded mine smooth and you don't want to do this, you still have to sand them and get top coating off.


Now for the bed panels not so good I use them allot the edges started to get scratched.