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Indy 500


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Apr 9, 2002
South Park Pennsylvania
Spent last weekend in Indianapolis for the 500 and got many, many comments about my Avy, but I get that almost everywhere I take it.

I have had people wait outside of stores for me to come out to tell me what a geat looking truck it is, yell to me in traffic, double take when I drive through a neighborhood -- the attention is great and most of all:


I spent some time at Chevy's tent outside the racing museum at the track telling people who were looking at the sad example of an Avy that Chevy had displayed there how cool the Avy is and how pleased I am with it.

And then guess what...
The track has 1 or 2 red Avy's they use for their safety people.

I just think that is soooo cool.

Hi SouthPark

I was at Indy last weekend too - I was in turn 3 area so I missed the Chevy disply... glad you were there to tell them how GREAT the truck is to own. :B:

On my drive back to CO, I saw at least a dozen AV's on I-80 - most were white.... MY GF would laugh everytime I was waving to them