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Installing A Winch, Possible?



At the moment I do not own an Avalanche yet. Hopefully soon if I can sell my SUV and my lender will approve the loan. Anyways more to the point, does anyone know if it will be possible to mount a winch on the avalanche? In one the big info brochures on the Av it shows a snow plow attached as well. Is this also an option? If the winch is an option where can I find some information on it. Thanks
Chevrolet has a snow plow prep kit for the 2500 series Avalanche. Interesting in their sales literature they don't recommend the 1500 series, but the 1500 series owners manual talks about snow plowing with the Av (technique, when to use 4 WD, weight distribution, impact to GVW, etc.)

The kit adds a bunch of heavy duty this and that as well as auxilary switches and controls, as well as pre-wiring for additional auxilary lights.

I've seen pics (sorry no links) of Av's with winches on them, I'm sure you can install them (links are available on this site to Warn and others)
I have checked the Warn site but didnt find anything too specific installing any wicnhes on the Av, at least not yet. If anyone has installed a winch can you post a picture and let me know what brand and ease of installation. It almost appears that the grill guard available from GM might work with a winch. Does anyone know if this is the case?
the GM brush guard shows a winch inside of it...
I think that was a concept picture - their is an outfit that has a ton of pricey addons, including winch - I will try to find site.
I saw a winch mounted in a the brush guard while I was in Atlanta once at a dealership.
LOL! Never know when you'll need a winch in Atlanta traffic! ;) ;) ;)

Hey - it keeps those pesky pedestrians at bay!
Speaking of winches...
Here's a couple photos of Sunset_Z71's winch setup
taken at yesterday's "Meet & Greet"
It's a front receiver hitch setup. I believe the receiver hitch was retro'd from a suburban. It's also wireless remote controlled. How cool is that? :cool:

irontrain said:
Back then the 'apprentice' wizard part applied. Try and find a site? Nowadays you would post direct links and announce some new feature for the site ;D
That was because I couldn't locate the "Road Armor" site at the time - my workstation was having a bad hair day ;D

And, yes I made the registration a tad friendlier today and changed the post display, not that any body notices :C:
Thanks for all the kind words yes it does get people out of the way a bit easier. Now for the details on how it was done. The front hitch is off a 94 Suburban. That is what we had before the av so when we sold it we took the front hitch off. Anyhow the frame is narower on the av so we had to cut and re weld the hitch brakets. Then on these trucks there is no way to get in the frame and bolt it one so i had my welder at work weld it on the frame. This sucker is tough as nails on there. The Hitch in the front is a 3 fold deal. 1st is used for the winch. 2nd it works to move my car trailer around easier when i park it in the back yard and 3rd i put the front plate on an old hitch cover so the front plate goes in there when the winch is not. The winch works on a wireless set up for saftey so if the cable snaps or something your out of harms way you have a 150 ft range on the remote anymore questions fire away.... :D
The Winch Sunset Z-71 has is a Warn reciever hitch, here is the Warn website (receiver winches "plug" into a receiver hitch)

The tough thing, as Sunset Z-71has described, is not getting hold of an adequate receiver winch, it is installing the receiver up front in a manner adequate to deal with the weight of the Av - THAT challenges us.