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Installing Hard Cargo Panels



I purchased a 2002 avlanche that was missing the bed covers. I got a great deal on new ones, but it turned out the originals were a soft cover. Has anyone converted over to hard ones? Looks like I need to purchased what's called 'Alignment Pegs' (8 total). Appreciate any help. Thanks, Joe
Try a search as there have been a few members with the soft top who have converted to the hard top
I made the change.
The side rails (all 4) that the soft top tucks into are replaced with new rails that accept the hard panels.
These came in the set with the hard panels.
I suppose it is possible that someone changed to the soft cover and could have their rails laying around in the garage.
That's where mine are, bag, rails, soft cover and hardware. Not the most popular resale item, although I understand that GM discontinued the cover. Who knows, I may be sitting on a valuable antique