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Installing Lights Inside Grill?


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Jul 4, 2002
Las Vegas
I have done the high-low headlight mod and the all forward light mod. But for some reason I have this crazy idea :0: that putting either driving/fog lights or effect lighting inside the gill would look cool :cool: when on and almost invisible when off. Has anyone tried this? Pros, Cons, Ideas.????

got_change put aircraft lights behind his grill.

Here is his comment:
got_change said:
they are black rubberI have put in all of my blazers, and now the avalanche a set of aircraft landing lights behind the grill. they will light a road sign for two miles, and the light pattern from the aircraft bulbs is narrow like a cats eye. No I don't blind other people with them, but late at night its nice to light the whole block up. I get the bulbs from Grainger for about 20 bucks each and the mounts from NAPA they are black rubber and about 30$ each. I used a continuous duty solenoid mounted under the drivers side fender, firewall brace, and got 12volts from the alternator feed box. the hardest part was pulling out the avs grill. there are clips around the edges that are hard to pop loose. the mounts go in sideways, and the lights behind the grill are in line with the stock headlights. i can dig up the part #s or post a picture if anybody wants to "light up" their av

thanks big brother --------i mean goo tha av club is growin----lets MOD
jamie thanks for postin for me..... I am kinda too bright out front on the road so im careful when I light up so as not to meess with the cops, and now, ive jut got to put two 191,000 candle power lights down in the front croccmember to :"sweep the streets" late late at night coming home once I am satisfied with my full frontal flash APP1 million candelpower, I ll move on. For the backup and boat ramp I'll settle for a measly 300/400 thousand candle power set of lights thats in the works as we speak
this was from got_change

the lights are bright and illegal so use them accordingly ? ? grainger has several models ?i used #4537,200000 candle power par 46 and its enough the have a 290000 ?# 4522 thats 250 watts ?divided by 12 volts equals 20 plus amps, ?a lot! ? the 200s are so bright they will light up a whole block. ? userubber truck/tractor light mounts from napa, they are in their catalog.. so is the 12 volt CONTINOUS DUTY solenoid ? I used a heavy duty fuse from an omc stern drive boat ? 50 amps...to power all my add on stuff ?in can ups you a fuse we sell them at my shop. about 25 bucks the hard part is to get the grill off so go to chevy and buy all the clips first so you can put the grill back in... the lights mount sideways in the radiator support and just miss the radiator and grill by an inch ? I put a lighted switch ?under the cig lighter on the flat area. ? they re bright ? so be careful with the cops ? ? ? ? ? ? change ?