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Interesting FORD Site AV-Bashing ... UGHH !

Most of them was complaining on how ugly the AV is. I can see where they're coming from. When I first told my friends that I wanted an AV all of them said "NOOOOOO! That thing is UGGGS!!". I don't care...if I wanted a pretty car I'd get and Audi S4 or a BMW 3X.
It was raining cats and dogs this weekend when I was buying some wood at Home Depot...guess who was able to fit 2 sheets of plywood and 2x4 and still stay dry? I've never owned a Ford so I can't diss them...but they have regular looking trucks and SUV's. I actually like the looks of the new Explorer...seems as though they're heading in the Range Rover direction.
There'll always be haters...I'm glad there are Av haters out there. If everyone in the world owned an AV...now that would suk.
Ever noticed the lack of trolls here (with one exception that comes to mind right now)? ?And also the lack of Ferd-bashing? ?They have their opinion and as stupid as they are, they're entitled to it in their own forums. ?It's like the school bully who only gets off saying what he'd do to the jocks, that is until one of the jocks shows up!

If you believe it, our trucks are too big, too ugly, too poorly made, and most often, too expensive! ?Sounds like someone's just green with envy! ?It's much cooler being an Alpha Male! ?(y)

I like lurking in other forums for entertainment. ?;D ?The one you just linked here is obviously full of insecure bone-heads who have to build their toys up by repeatedly attempting to bash ours (in a forum where we don't participate). ?I'm not insulted if I don't hear the comment. ?If I do that's another matter altogether... ?BTW, was that *you* trolling over there under the name chevytruckguy? ?For some real entertainment, look at the ST group. All I see are stories about problems with their trucks, :C: such as I related in the engine washing story.

I'll stick with my Av anyday! ?As an engineer and lifelong tinkerer, it's the best thing around. ?All the mods are just allowing me to build the perfect truck Chevy almost built! :B:
I have never owned a Ford but I had one catch on fire in front of my house. My friend also owned a Exploder as I call them. It just exploded it's transmission too at 100,000 miles. I have heard nothing, but bad things about Fords and i'll never own one. Not to mention the Ford Focus has had more recalls then any other auto in history. Now you tell me what that says? they say word of mouth goes a long ways. I have never really heard that bad of things about Chevy. I have heard people complain out the looks of Chevys autos but atleast they are mechicaly sound. And Cevy doesn't copy other auto makers. I think the F-250's and the F-350's look a lot like the Dodge's. They changed there body style a year or two after Dodge's new body. I consider them copy cats but that is my opinion. I know I'm a little mean and I'm sorry about I just reall would never buy a Ford and that is my opinion though.
It is considered the best compliment when your competition bashes you - that really means they think your better and try and tear you down with words. ;)
What's funny is that they were only complaining about the looks. If that's all they can complain about I'll take it as a complement!! :)
TexAVfan said:
It is considered the best compliment when your competition bashes you - that really means they think your better and try and tear you down with words. ?;)

I agree completely. :B:

BTW, was that *you* trolling over there under the name chevytruckguy?

Nope... I don't lurk anywhere but here, LS1Tech, or the FBody forums... I check out GM Truck and Sport Utility Performance Forum once in a great while...

I just happened to be looking for some Smittybilt bars on different trucks that's all...

Skidd said:
You know if I owned a fiat... I'm sure I could find a reason to bag the rolls royce. ?:rolleyes:

Yup. They have electricals by Lucas, Prince of Darkness.