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Interior Color Clarification


SM 2003
Full Member
Jun 18, 2002
Fairview, TN
I'm wondering about the interiors of the AV. Specifically, I'm wondering is there a difference between the 2002 and 2003. I know that the Northface seats have changed color, the Neutral leather doesn't seemed to have changed, but has the Gray changed?
I was thinking that the 2002's had "Graphite" leather. When I go out to the Chevy website and look at the seating there they indicate only the neutral and "Dark Charcoal" which looks nearly black. Is this right? I don't recall hearing anything about changing the interior colors. Was it done to go with the cladding color change? ??? :cautious:

Just wondering...
The gray is still gray. They might have just changed the name.
and they have the same order code I ordered an AV at work a few days ago for stock and the order code for the gray is still 69_ then if it is leather it is 692 and cloth is 69D