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Intermediary Shaft Lube - Info


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May 17, 2002
Last post - GF is packing and told me to go away :) - well I might as well see what is happening on CAFCNA :0:

I have been hearing an odd noise in the front end when the AV is going through parking lots at around 10mph ? sounds like a light grounding sound. I was visiting the General today and mentioned this and I was told that when the AV?s shipped the intermediary shaft (what ever that is J )was only partially lubed and that GM had a kit to fix this problem. In fact it will take two kits to fill the lube up to the right levels?.. so the AV is schedule to go in for a 2-3 hour visit with the General ? I have 24K miles right now and this didn?t really start happening until around 22K.

Something to keep an ear open for, since my SA knew what it was right away ? sounds like the General has many AV?s out there with this same issue.

I've already had mine done once by the dealer.

The second time I opted to do it myself. The dealer gave me the lube. It is pretty easy but does not last. Next time I get the clunking I am going to demand a new AV ;D

The front end guy at the dealer told me that his 03 Silverado has this problem also and GM is aware of it.
Just picked up my Av from the dealer. I have 26K miles and notice the noise started around 21-22K miles. Here is what they did.

"R&R intermediate shaft and repack w/special lube kit."

Here is the parts that they used.
26098419 lubricant
26842 intermediate shaft