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Introducing - The Logo & Decal!


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Special, special, special thanks goes out to Roger for all of his hard work and for putting up with my design requests and other crap (actually Robert I'm not 100% done - got one more if we go color).

I'm posting the B & W version up here right now and will be getting price quotes on a vinyl decals. Because of the tinted glass on the Av I'm designing this to go on the outside of the truck. I'm planning to put mine on the back glass. The decal will be round - and between 3" to 5" in a diameter, depending on costs and what looks right.

So - without any further blabbing from me - here it is!

Depends on the cost of printing. B&W is much much much cheaper than color and I'm trying to keep things simple. The color one only has an additional color (yellow) which adds a good amount of contrast. The version your seeing is the minimum version...
Very cool folks.....can't wait to put it up....
Cool, my only complaint about the last one wast that some of the print went outside of the circle. This is excellent. I love it!! I can't wait to get one or one dozen. ;D ;D ;D ;D
ZEEYA IS IN, I have only had my av 3 weeks and this site makes it worth while being part of the elite.........so to say......let me know when it is time to place order. if you all decide to get t-shirts or something of that matter i have a vendor that does my work for our safety program and supplies uniforms for over 1000 employees so i could email him copy of logo and get price, i realize this is down the line, but something to think about....
Put me down for a couple with the Yellow in it Chief. The sooner the better. I can send some to my Dad to hand out when he sells a new one
:D Excellent :D

But; we do need an option of "Just" the "Bow-Tie-AV" -for Hats and Shirts.

I am sure someone will offer them for sale, and they can advertise in one of the "Pop-up" adds. :rolleyes:

baron138 said:
Looks good. If you add color, what parts of the design would be colored?

The bowtie - and MAYBE the outer ring if it looked right. The second color would be yellow. I'm going to start looking for price quotes tomorrow...
Count me in as well!! I will be working with the chevy dealer on promo's etc, for hopefully starting a chapter out here, I may need a dozen. ;D ;D
Really nice work - I WANT ONE (or more!)

And I like both the color idea and the 'my other car is an Av' idea!