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Irrating Vibration


Full Member
Aug 3, 2002
bellevue WA
i have had my AV for 11 months now, and I have just started hearing a very speratic vibrating noise coming from somewhere from the back of the truck. It only havens when the engine is running, and the truck doesn't have to be moving for the noise to occur. I'm used to be an auto tech, but haven't been able to track it down yet. Has any one else had this problem, or any suggestions. Thanks
Someone else posted earlier that their spare tire was rubbing the frame. It was loose. You might want to check that and see if yours is loose too. Vibrations are the worst to track down. Try going to a muffler shop and asking them to check your muffler. (this has nothing to do with the noise) While they have it on the lift mention a vibration and have one of them sit in there and rev the engine while someone snoops around under the car. That is how I found my last noise on my Dodge I had. Sneaky but it works!!


On the last post when I mentioned the muffler thing, you could go to a brake place as well. Do the same thing. Basicly its just to get your AV up on a lift. I know it sounds shady, and it may be, but but but......I did it and I don't have any regrets.....really I don't!!! sniff sniff

I have two vibrations on my Avalanche... One is under the drivers seat. I figured it out finally. It was coming from the shifter linkage cable. It kinda just floats around under there, pretty stupid design. I also have a strange vibration coming from the passengers side front wheel well area. I am not quite sure what this noise is. It only seems to happen every now and again, but when it does happen it happens under acceleration. Other than that, the truck kicks ass.....
I have taken the Avalanche back to the dealer a few times now for this problem. They have replaced a few parts on it, this last time they put on a new muffler. they said it was internally defective. After a few days back from the shop, the noise is no longer :D. I did talk to the part dept. and they said it was the first muffler that was order for the 2002, so not a common problem for the avalanche.