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Is The 2500 Av Available Without The Cladding?


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Sep 15, 2002
Hello all,
I just got my dealership to admit my 2002 2500 is a lemon. I love the truck so much, Im going to get another one. Today I saw a black 1500 without the plastic cladding and it looked NICE! I am addicted to the 8.1 power. Id like one thats naked with the big motor....are they available?
Not at this time........maybe next year.
The 2500 has a different bumper with more space for cooling. I suspect that it is a cost issue. It cost money to redesign a new bumper and they have to amortize it over a lower production vehicle.
Your answer is:


Not in 2004
Actually, the naked 1500 Av has a totally different bumper than whats on the regular 1500 and 2500. Has a chrome strip across it. Damn thats a good looking truck!