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Is There Anyone Near Kirkland? Planted Seat Brackets


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Apr 8, 2002
Sacramento, California
I'm trying to get Planted Technologies to make some seat brackets for my Avalanche. The trouble is, I'm in California. Is there anyone near Kirkland that would be willing to visit their location and allow them to measure your floors? They said that it would take about two hours. I'd also be willing to pay you for your time.

Just PM me with your information and when you would be available.

Thanks, Durwin
They had said they needed a vehicle in their shop for measurements to be taken. No elaboration.
That usually means they don't want to do it, they have never done them for an Avalanche for your year, and/or they do not trust anyone to provide accurate dimensions.
Any of the above.
I see they are looking for certain vehicles to measure up in order to sell seat brackets.
If you or someone takes their Avalanche in for measuring, do they get free brackets in return ??
I don't know. I would say talk to Jeff, he is in charge of the shop. He seemed pretty friendly when I contacted him. It's not just the Avalanche, the Suburban is the same and there are more Suburbans out there.