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It Finally Happened....first Ding, how do I get it out?


SM 2003
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Nov 20, 2002
Indianapolis, IN
I will certainly get "over wheel cladding" now! ?I was at a sporting good store today and a guy parked next to me in a F150, opened his door and hit the right rear of my Av right above the rear wheel where the cladding should be.

Luckily, my wife was waiting in the truck and he came up to the window to apologize. ?She tried to get his phone number but he said it only "left dirt on it" and didn't do any damage. ?He went on into the store. ?She got out and saw the scratch, wrote his license plate # down and came into the store to find me. ?When we got back to the truck that guy had already left.

Any suggestions on how I should track this dude down?
Report it to the police...they'll treat it as a hit and run if you make a stink.
I think I will.

Here's what gets me.....my wife calls me on my cell when the guy is walking into the store and asks me if I see a bald guy in a blue jacket walking in. I said no. She said, "ok, nevermind".

I was so pissed once I found out and she didn't tell me why.
Sorry to hear about your ding.

I got my overwheel cladding from Dal at VanDevere.

I have the front on,but , still need to do the back.

I've always thought this was a great idea.
Chief said:
Report it to the police...they'll treat it as a hit and run if you make a stink.

Sounds like a hit n'run to me. ?You need the report info for your insurance. ?Since you know what the guy looks like it helps your case.

I want to get the extra cladding for just that reason, too.
The first one is always the worst..but I would definitely try to get a hold of this guy and make him liable for the damage...heck...nothing in this world is free....and I'm sure you are going to want to have it fixed....so why should you have to pay for someone else's irresponsibilty....I don't think so..... :7:

Check this out. My brother in law is good friends with a cop. He gave him the license plate number and he got his name and phone number in about 20 minutes.

I called him last night.....the phone number was disconnected. I thought "Damn!!". So I looked in the phone book since I had his name. BINGO......got it.

I called him and he was actually pissed that I had the nerve to bother him at home. I told him it was probably a good thing that he did leave because if he was as crappy to me in person as he was on the phone, we both would have probably went to jail.

I explained the damage and advised him that he will be held responsible for the repair since he did "leave the scene of an accident".

He said "....but it was just a dent!" I said "....it was a dent on a $39000 truck dip &%$#" :7:

I got mad, :8: told him he could kiss my you know what and that I'd file the police report and turn it into my insurance company and he could deal with them!!!

Boy did his tone change.....now he's Mr. Niceguy and wants to pay to fix it.

I will go have two estimates, at 2 different Chevy Dealers, and he's going to pay for it all. ;D I don't know if he's already been in trouble or what but he wanted no part of a police report or insurance company.

Well have to wait and see how it pans out.
Funny how when you start talking about the law and insurance companies all of a sudden they start to change their tune....good luck to ya....

Avalanche Rookie I'm glad to see you are getting everything worked out. Next time that @$$ will think twice about hitting an AV.
So freakin mad right now!! :8: My hood has never shut right since the day I bought the AV, have always had to slam it really forcefully even though I don't have bug shield. I always meant to try and move the latch up some, but never got around to it. So I'm out looking under the hood to see if I can mod my air intake and when I go to close the hood, I slam it like normal except this time I leave a big 'ole dent right in the top :E:. The dent is actually right above the latch assembly and I can feel it with my fingers. So my question is: Can I stick something up in there and try to pop it back out, or is that a bad idea??? If I should pop it back out, what do I need to use to do it. The only thing I've got is a screw driver, and I'm thinking that's not a good idea.
Doc...try to push it up......search the dry ice method....

NExt time drop the hood from a height and it will close....

Also you may want to adjust the side bumpers above the headlights...they may be too high as well....
Yep I got my first ding two months after I got my new Arrival Blue Z66, it was on the folding mirror on the driver side. I was pulling into the hospital employee parking lot with the card entry gate and I pulled a little too close to the card reader and scraped it a little. This was before I knew where my truck was on the outside. Now I know where the edges are and it probably won't happen again.
i do not think the wheel well cladding will help you much. i have some one my truck. it moves in and out at will if you push it hard enough. which is not very hard at all. it would not hurt i'm sure. darn Ford's, huh! :8:
This thread is more related to the care & maintenance board... I'll move it over there and I'm sure that there are also dent removal threads in there.