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I will be temporarily changing my name to 3Twelves. Today was my last day at school and I went to take a test. I stayed a few minutes too late, which was a mistake, and when I got back to the car I noticed someone had broken my window and stole my stereo and tried to crowbar my speakers out, damaging one of them and leaving it there. The entire console inside after the cupholders is torn up and cracked and thrown all over. There are wires everywhere and it's a disgusting sight. I wish I was there when the guy was doing it so I could have beat him to death and then beat him some more after that too. This was really a crappy way to end the school year and I'm very angry now. I hope none of you have to deal with this kind of thing because it's really a big hassle trying to get everything together. But don't worry, I will have everything back to normal in a few days hopefully. I should get an alarm.......anyone know if those alarms that alert you are good? You know, the ones with the remote control that receives alerts from the car.......
hmmm... let's see your AV gets trashed... you post.. the same day someone joins, posts to trash you... hmmmm... connection?

The address they posted from is very close to that you posted from..... hmmm....
I have a paging alarm in my Av. They work very well in most areas and the range is pretty impressive. I have gotten messages on the 28 floor of a building i was at and caught the guy trying to ripp off my truck.... i love knowing what is going on and hey added bonus most have the car start built in..

My dad used to tell me.... 'If it ain't yours don't mess with it"... too bad people have to treat others posessions with such disregard.

Hope you find out who messed with your AV
Sorry to hear about your break in. Stupid people out there you know? I hope you find a good alarm and get you av in proper shape soon! Good-Luck finding the guy who did it!

That really $UCKS!!

I hope your insurance will reimburse you all that you are out. Sounds like you should definitely invest in a good alarm.

Sorry to hear about the damage to your AV. Creeps that damage/steal others property are just jelous of what others have not they do not. Good luck finding a good security system. I have an auto start that I love in the winter. You might want to look into a system that has both (security and auto start)!
Sorry to here about the damage/ theft. I hope you find that person(s) who did this. This makes me think my next mod will have to be a better security system. I'm looking to install a PC system in my truck & wonder if there is a way I can combine the 2??? ???
Good luck with the rebuild. I hope all is progressing well now. :)
A paging alarm with all the goodies, vibration sensors and glass breaking sensors. If anyone gets within 2 foot of the thing you know.
The Dude said:
If anyone gets within 2 foot of the thing you know.
So the alarm goes off anytime someone parks next to your truck or has to walk between yours and whoever is parked next to you to get where they're going? That's just the kind of alarm that goes off on a false alarm 99 times for every 1 time that it's really needed. Ever hear of crying wolf? Just serves to annoy you and everyone around you.

That's why people today roll their eyes in annoyance when car alarms go off instead of look to see who's stealing what like they did when car alarms first came out.

I don't take anything away from people who want to have a really nice stereo in their vehicle, but it's a slippery slope that you start down where the nicer the stuff is you put in it, the more alarm and worry you have that someone will steal it, cause the bottom line is, Locks only keep honest people honest. And if someone really wants your stereo they will more than be able to disable your alarm or remove the stereo before you can respond to it anyway.

Your best bet unfortunately is to make sure it's all insured, have a standard alarm that will scare away the casual thief, and most important of all DON'T flaunt your system, in fact HIDE it. People won't steal what they don't know is there. Don't put stereo stickers on the outside of your AV. Don't put speaker grills over your speakers that have the names of the companies on them, people can see those looking through the windows too. And cover or remove your HU in some way.

I'm sorry to say, it's either that or deal with insurance companies, because there isn't an alarm out there (legal one) that will stop someone who's determined to take your stereo. :9:

The two way paging alarms are great. They have a display that shows when a door is open, and that you know for sure is not a false alarm. THe distance ranges on some. Mine is a viper and you can get up to 4 city blocks away and still turn on the truck.