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Its Amazing


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Apr 27, 2002

This morning I was running late to work because of all the rain. I finally pull into the office parking garage and begin the quest for an end spot. I round the turn to the fifth floor and the security guard flags me down. Im thinking oh great what do they want now. I roll down the window and the first thing out of his mouth was "Thats an Awesome truck" I then spend the next 5 minutes talking to the guy and fielding his questions. I was grinning from ear to ear as I headed to the office.

I traded in a 2001 corvette for my AV. The entire time I had my vette I never had anyone flag me down or go out of thier way to comment on it. Hell half of the other vette owners dont even wave back :6:

Now that I have my AV Im always seeing people taking that long look and even taking a second look. :love:

Well just wanted to drop a little line this morning, because it looks like its going to be a long day at work.


By the looks of the picture of your Av it does deserve some long looks.

Nice looking ride!!!
I wave at other AV's all the time. Other than those that I know around here, I have yet to meet any other AV owners in parking lots etc..
Hey tfreimiller, you have done a great job with your Ave. How does the paint on the cladding look like it is going to hold up? Anyway, I get guys driving Audi TT's staring at me on the highway. I make a glance at them and then go on my way.
I see avalanche owners around town more and more. I wave to them all. Only a few have waved back. This is Long Island, I am surprised I get a wave at all.
Did I tell you that your truck looks awesome!!

I agree, your Av looks good. Mines still bone stock but I to have had a number of people tell me I had an awesome truck in parking lots. I expected it and heard it a lot when I had my "90" 454SS, but didn't expect it with the Av. I'm waving at them in Indy some wave back. There catching on quick here I see a new one every other day.
You have to admit, you have a unique looking Av....most people are intrigued by the looks...I know I would be.....

If I didn't know that it was an Av...I would probably stare in amazement.... :)
Very nice looking truck! And, it's nice to know that your vehicle can brighten your day!
;D My truck is 1 month old with 1027 miles. ;D

:eek: I will trade it for a 2001 Vette! :eek:

;D My truck is 1 month old with 1027 miles. ;D

:eek: I will trade it for a 2001 Vette! :eek:


Was it you driving up I-37 from Beeville towards San Antonio on Thursday? I saw a truck painted just like yours with dealer paper tags still on it ... i believe 5/25/2002. If so, that was me in the black Z66 with the girl in a bikini riding shotgun following you ;D