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It's Official ... My AV Is Leaking


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Apr 3, 2002
Orlando Florida
... looks like the dreaded leak down the inside columns that causes water to soak the carpet all allong the pasenger side and collect under the door sill.

to my knownledge this is either:

1. roof rack install problem
2. midgate leak

is this correct, or could it be some other known issue?
One other thing, if only the rear corners and along the kickplate, it may be the rear wheel wells, like mine were. Of course, the water will only make entry if you are driving and the water is kicking up under the wells.
I think the "truck parked in a downpour" allows us to throw out the wheel-well leak possibility, although the fact that the midgate was down means ? - a problem with the seal between panel #3 and the crossbar?
Hey Jackalanche, you are correct. I was assuming that he may have driven it at some time either before or after it sat, in either case the carpet takes a few days to dry out. Not enough info, so I threw that one out there.
stopped by the service dept at lunch. They had my AV under a PVC spaghetti rack, spraying the truck from all kinds of angles.

The entire interior was stripped down to bare metal .. except for the dash. Seats, trim, carpet, padding, everything.

Good news is that the leak IS NOT from the midgate back.....

Bad news is that is may be coming from the corner up by the passenger front fender/windshield. He said he needs to test more ...

FYI - apparently there is a small cavity down by your feet at the lower edge of the door frame about the size of a orange or grapefruit... It can hold about 2 cups of water before it spills out a small hole in the door frame into the passenger compartment! If you have a leak up front it will leak into this compartment ... but unless it fills up you will never know it. This accounts for us just now finding out we have a leak... This weekend was the first time we had parked the AV outside in a downpour. Compartment filled up and over flowed ....

He is still checking for more leaks ... whats to make sure that there are no more so he doesn't have to remove the interior again!
I guess I and others did not seek to clarify your earlier post - the wet carpet you noticed that tipped you off to the leak - it was in the area of the front seat foot well? I seem to recall another member with this same problem, althoug it is not the usual leak source. At least as far as I know. Going to check my baby's diapers tonight in that spot.