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July 12 Crash Test


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Apr 20, 2002
Wasilla, Alaska
:cry:Wow. what a truck.

I thought I would do a crash study my self. ?

Let's see, park one AV ?behind traffic at a red light. ?
Oh hell, let's make the speed limit 40 mph on the street. add a broke down bus 1/2 mile back.
Add one 85 jeep Chief, driving to see lawyer and soon to b X WIFE.
For sound effect have rear window stached away.
jeep 40mph
AV 0 mph
jeep see's Av stoped, (maby it will move?)
20 feet away jeep locks up breaks
Av owner hears brake squiel very clearly ?(window out)
AV owner looks in rear view mirror see's jeep
B 4 AV owner can say "OH SH...."

jeep slams passenger corner to AV's drivers corner.

AV owner get's out, see's jeep's bumper, fender, hood, core support, grill smashed into right front wheel. Antifreez pulsing onto roadway ?from below bumper. ?

AV owner gets weak in the knees, has to look....

Wow , not to bad.... Even the cop was astonished at how she took the hit. Even did the change for him, his wife is looking for a new truck. I opend the tailgate in front of him and all my tool boxes were still lined up at the base of the tailgate. no slide on miracle mat. Cop said "Cool"
Jeep was being loaded on slide back as I drove off...
Got to love this truck. ?
Only put a crack in the tail light!
Not even a scrach on the bed side!
11 more day's till one year mark, allmost made it ?:6:


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OUCH! thats exactly how my truck looks minus the step rails, a few bent up plastic pieces and big ole gash in the gate. Gotta love the pewter man! Hope his insurance takes care of you fellow AVer'
wow you and i had the same idea only mine was wimpy compared to yours..lol me driving 30 mph 2 guys play tag in front of me i hit break on a downgrade guy behind me in the a continental hits break slides on gravel hits me right smack in the middle of the back. aside from the cover for the tow harness being cracked I cant tell where the guy hit me. His car crumpled up hood smashed in grill the hood actually cracked. Gotta love this thing.

Sorry bout yours man.

Great Story and hopefully you get it fixed better than new...if that is possible >:D
OUCH is right - hope you and the family are ok. That looks nasty - but look at it on the bright side, this would be a good time to relocate the trailer plug while they are fixing the bumper and looks like a billet fuel cap might just fix that small wrinkle on the quarter panel ;D
Sorry to see that Alaska_AV :cry:

I was just thinking that if you had been driving a regular pickup they could put on a new box. Then I realized that a silverado would probably have cab damage from the box smashing into it!

Your Av can be fixed, but it sounds like you got banged up a little too (whiplash?). Hope you have a quick recovery.
Hi Alaska

We have groups down here in the southern 48 that will do crash test for us - no need to use your AV :)

Glad you are OK and the AV has fixable damage. Another great story how well built the AV is. Thanks for sharing.