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just installed Jardine exhaust


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Jun 12, 2007
hello ladies and gents, Im sure some of you guys saw a Jardine catback exhaust on ebay.   (y)
Well, I bought one of those. It was cheap, I figured if I didnt like it I would sell it anyway. I installed it yesterday and so far like the way it sounds. Its not what I had before, which was two Flowmaster 40s cut underneath my Tahoe, that was very loud, sold that to a 16 year old kid down the street. Install was easy, but taking off the factory stuff was a pain in the rear. I will try to post pics and sound clip. Its not loud at idle but sounds good when gassed. Anyone else on here buy the other one that was on ebay?
Pedrones, you happy we happy with the sound. (y)  and by the way
sorry no sound clips or pics yet. I have been on vacation. I did take my Avalanche to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, about a 6 hour drive from my home. The avy was louder than I expected. There was some drone around 2k on the tach or when I passed someone but I just had to go faster, closer to 3k in order to avoid the drone, made for quicker driving times but less gas mileage going 75 to 80 miles per hour most of the time. I will work on the pics and sound clip this week then figure out how to put in post.
sorry no sound clip yet. I dont have a video camera. I know there is a way to record a small clip on my digital camera as soon as I figure it out I will do it. Just to let you guys know how it sounds, the guy I had emailed back and forth with from Jardine in California, claims it sounds like a Magnaflow. When I was looking up a sound clip of this system all I found was one on the customtacos website for Tacomas. I read some posts from this guy and he claimed Magnaflow used to make them for the company. I have some pictures he emailed me of the system on an Avalanche, not mine but one very similar. I will figure out how to put them on this site so you guys can see it.
I think I got the pic posting down so let me try this.
here is a few pics from the Jardine factory, not my avy but very similiar.


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