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K & N Oil Filter

I haven't used one yet, but I think their filtering efficiency is comparable to the Mobil1, which is what I have been using all along in the Avalanche, use them in my wife's Elantra too. I think both are good products, just that the Mobil1's are a lot easier to find. Price wise they're about the same. Amsoil is probably a little better than either of these in terms of small micron particles that they can filter out, but I think they cost more as well.

Your best bet for keeping your Av running smoothly would be Amsoil 5W30 along with their oil filter. Like davidw55 said, better than Mobil and pretty much everything else. Not expensive either considering the quality of the product.

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They are very good filters...actually...the stock blue A/C is very good...Mobil1 are good too...you can even use the UPF-44 A/C Ultragaurd Gold (black colored and currently the only Ultragaurd they still make) on the Avy
(it is a little shorter than our "stock" '02 filter but filtering efficiency is best there is!) This is the one used on the C5 Corvette LS1...(y) ;) :cool:
Above probably doesn't apply for 8 liter motors, though, just 5.3...

I have used the Mobil1 and The K and N in my 94 Silverado since I bought it. It still runs like a champ. If you really want peace of mind with a filter and don't mind spending a few bucks, buy a couple of filters and cut them open and see if you like what you see. Some use paper, some use cardboard. Some are treated and some are not. Some have metal honeycomb etc....
I swear by the Mobil 1 products but really like K and N too.

Not sure if that helps, but it's my .02

Quality oil filters need to meet the standards set by the manufacturers and SAE in order to meet warranty requirements. I attended a semnar once where several diferent brands of filters had been cut open to reveal the filter medium. A difference could definitely be seen in the higher cost filters, such as the mobil 1. It was pointed out, however that the difference was not so much the ability to filter out contaminates (the micron size of particals to be filtered out was similar on most of the filters) but the amount of contaminates that the filter medium could contain before the by-pass valve allowed unfiltered oil to circulate in the engine. The higher cost filters could contain a higher volume of contaminates because they contain a larger amount of filter medium. That said, if you change your oil and filter on a regular basis, your filter will not need to hold a large amount of contaminates. So you may be better off using a good quality filter, such as the A/C and changing it a little more often than using the Mobil 1 at almost 4 times the expense. I stopped using the Mobil 1 filter when I found that the A/C filter did a better job of holding oil in the engine overnight so I got less of the dreaded cold-engine knock that GM is famous for.
Hope that helps put things in perspective.