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keep stock headunit, with after market headunit?


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Aug 23, 2007
Hey guys, I just bought an 02 Z71 a month ago, and I have a IVA-w200 Alpine double din deck i want to install. but i want to keep my stock headunit where it is, and fiberglass the alpine into the center console. I'm wondering if all i have to do is just cut the speaker wires going to the stock headunit and extend them to the new alpine? any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated, THANKS
you wanting to run 2 HU's or just wanting the functional one to be in the console?

when I moved my HU to the console, the harness was long enough to not need extended. 

there's a lot of crap in the console that needs to get removed to fit a HU.  A DD HU will be tight in an 02 console.  Oh wait, you said fiberglassing.  That might give you a lil extra needed space to mount it.
yah I only want to use the alpine headunit for the radio, cd, dvd, whatever. but i still want to have power going to the stock headunit because it powers a few things does it not? so instead of a direct replacement where i would have to buy one of those harnesses that cost 130 bucks to maintain all the functions, i can just reroute the speaker wires to my alpine unit, but will this screw anything up? ???
what functions are you wanting to keep?  On*?  that goes away in a month or so.  Door chimes?  I gutted everything and still had that annoying door chime?  steering wheel controls? 

I'm sure it can be done, but depending on what functions you trying to save will determine what wiring will be needed at the stock HU.
haha well i don't want to gut everyhting i did that on my last car 20 grand later haha i'm not going that extreme with this truck just keepin it simple. i dunno i guess i'm just gonna have to cut up a bunch of wires and see what works eh?
do not need HU for 2002 unless you want onstar to work...

check for the all the factory adapters... that would be worse case all you need....

Good luck
xtreme what year is your AV a 02 or 05.  ???
05 sir. bose premium. stock nav is working, adapter installed, new HU installed as well - however, there is no onstar, no door chimes, and a very low/distorted sound. i checked all the wiring/terminals/etc. and still havent been able to correct the sound issue. the radio didnt even work until i connected the pink wire from the 24pin adapter into the blue/white amp turn on wire of the new HU.  what should i do?