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Sep 13, 2002
Gotta warn you about this place, steer clear!!! bought an avalanche from them and had a problem with WELD RIMS peeling. I called them in the beggining of APRIL, still not resolved and its may. They blame it on california customs in ft lauderdale, california customs blames KELLEY CHEVROLET, Called weld they said have the people who did the work call and it shouldnt be a problem. Offered to send my rims and wheels down to them and have them swap the rims onto the tires for me, wanted me to pay for shipping back and forth. Now I find out that the key I have for the wheels doesnt even fit to take my rims off, been 4 days and still waiting to see who is going to send them to me. Bad customer service, it shouldnt be this hard. KELLEY CHEVROLET is gotta be the worst dealership in the world I have ever dealt with!! I am the one who bought the truck and am the customer and I am doing all the running around trying to get my rims replaced!! If I didnt call them every other day they would never call me back!!! ANY SUGGESTIONS? :8:
NOt sure...is this customized stuff on your AVY?

If so only choice is those involved
I bought mine there and have had great service, I got a special order Z66 but not any aftermarket wheels on it. I guess you got the pretty silver one?

Hope they work it out for you.