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Key Fob Dead....again



My key fob went dead again yesterday, second time since I bought the truck. It is Fob #1, never use Fob #2, as Fob #1 is set to my preferences. Went to dealer, he has to have both fobs to "reprogram" them. He did that last time.

Anyone else having this problem?

Thanks in advance...
There is a thread on how to program the truck to accept your FOB....searhc for it it may help you.....

while you are at the dealer have him replace #1 fob. sooner or later it will die again if it has already died twice.
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Yes, actually I had a similar experience with my '02. I use one key constantly and the other sits on the nail at home. The one I use started to act like the battery was fading after having used it for about 3 months. I put a new cell in, and did the reprogramming procedure described elsewhere on this site. No Good. Wandered down to the dealer, and they stuck it into a programmer-type device and this reported that my transmitter was fine. The service manager couldn't even get my Av out of the bay. He repeated the procedure two times. After failing to retain the code, he gave up, pulled a new replacement out of Parts, and sent me happily on my way........never did hear what GM eventually found out ( most likely they held it for the 30 day warranty inspection period ( if they even do that any more - I've been out of touch for 9 years on the Policy and Procedures manual ) and nobody from the zone showed up and it got canned..... :disappointed: ).

So I would have to say that they do get screwy for no reason - like the above post stated, take it back and get it replaced ( heck you paid enough for it ).

Go to www.nhtsa.com and do a search for your vehicle. There are several TSBs about the key fob not working. Most (if not all) say that the dealer should reprogram the "Passenger Door Module" to correct the problem. This document even states that there was a recall sent out to some owners if their VINs were in a specific range.
Thanks for all the responses and ideas! :) I was at the dealer this a.m., they are ordering a new fob, say the old one is bad.

This is what makes this sight so great! Helpful responses by individuals who want tyo offer there advice and experience!
rod said:
when you program an FOB does the fob get reprogramed or does the reciever get reprogramed?
The receiver gets reprogrammed to match the fob(s)

In fact, starting the programming procedure erases all previously programmed fobs. That is why it is necessary to have all fobs present at the time of programming. They must all be done in one batch.

In addition, I believe that the fobs use a rolling code, which changes on each use. It is possible for the fob to be correctly programmed, yet still be out of sequence with the receiver. This can happen. for example, if the fob battery is changed. If a fob is out of sequence, the vehicle will ignore it, but other fobs will still work. To "re-synchronize" the rolling codes, stand within range of the vehicle, and press and hold lock + unlock together for seven seconds. You can release it when you hear the vehicle's locks lock then unlock.

If the fob gets out of sequence like this, reprogramming all the fobs will fix it, but the lock+unlock trick is simpler and may be all that is necessary. If your fob is not working, I would try that first. Then if it still doesn't work, gather up all the fobs and do the receiver reprogramming spelled out here: Reprogramming Remote Keyless Entry

If it turns out that one fob is often falling out of synchronization, and the lock+unlock fix works, it may be that the fob is defective. Maybe it has a loose battery connection, or something else that makes it lose sequence. This could explain why the fob still tests OK, but still keeps getting forgotten, as has been reported by at least one member.

-- SS