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Keypad Entry



Had a F150 before I got an Avalanche. I like the Avalanche but sure do miss the Ford's keypad entry. So many times I have walked out to open it and forgot that those silly keys or wireless transmitter. Is there an after market keypad add-on? Sure would be a lot more convenient! :-[
We had a '94 Taurus SHO and it had the keypad entry on it as well. We loved it.

It was one of the strong selling points we liked on the Super Crew when we were looking about a 18 months ago.
Of course, after the wife saw the Avalanche, it was all over.

It would be nice to see this as an option, but seems that only the Ford folk (and Nissan for a while) have this as a factory option.

Was just browsing the supplied link, and thought, WOW, now we could have a seperate button to open the power lock for the tailgate.

Will really have to look into this one.

Keypad entry! Great, another mod to add to the list. That's what I get for surfing at almost 2am. The distributor also had mirrors with L.E.D. signal lights for the AV. If the '03 AV mirrors can't be adapted to the '02, then those mirrors might be worth considering. However, didn't notice anything about auto-dimming.
My uncle suggested something similar when he saw my Avalanche. What he suggested though was a system that eliminates the handles completely from the door and uses a transmitter to both unlock and open them. I cannot remember the name of the manufacturer offhand, but will get it from him when I see it next. The only downside to this would be letting others in. Though since I drive alone 99% of the time, it would be ideal for me.

Just another two cents from me. :)
I sent an email to get more information form the Essex site. (Initial link in this thread)
It looks like it got forwarded to the Mito Corporation (other link posted).

I talked to a Georgette Dalton in sales, and she told me Mito is a distributor for the Essex keypad. She also told me that Mito did not sell the keypad to individuals, only persons or companies who already install keyless systems or keypad systems already, such as aftermarket installers who install stereo and alarm systems. This was mainly due to the fact that many individuals were calling her company, or Essex directly and asking more questions than they thought a competent installer should have to ask. Also many people balked at the idea of cutting their doors to install the keypad.

She then asked if I had anyone locally that I could refer to her, as they did not yet have anyone in the Phoenix area that installed the Essex keypads.
I told her I would start hitting up some of the local shops around me in the east valley and would refer them to her if I found someone.

If anyone else would be interested in referring someone to her, she can be reached at the following:
Georgette Dalton
MITO Corporation

Come to think of it, maybe this is something we could get our friend JP interested enough in. He could be a dealer/distributor, then make up some of those really cool and easy to read instructions, so then all we have to do is punch the hole in the door, and hook up the connections right where he tells us. No guess work on our part. Kind of like the steering wheel kit.

Any thoughts Jason? ? Are ya game?

Well, thought I might let everyone know, as I'm sure this would interest many on the board.

Can't wait for the Wild West Cruise next month.

Hey everyone, I purchase from Mito every so often and I've seen the keypad and have thought about getting them. I've been thinking about adding them to the product line, so I guess this is the kick in the butt I need to get them in.
I'll get a set and put together some instructions to make it easy for us GM owners.

Send me an email if you're interested so I can get an idea. jpcustoms@jpcustoms.com


DOes any GM vehicle have the punch pad on the side of the door for a form of keyless entry?

I am thinking but I can not remember one.......If not why? Heck does Daimler Chrysler, or any other manufacture? All I can remember is Ford products having it.....this is something I am gonna look for next time out....
Doesn't it just make for one more thing that people will play with in the parking lot. I can see it now... they will walk over to have a look and then notice the keypad and just have to try it.

Skidd 7;)
that is the ONE thing I am gonna miss about my ford is the keypad. I like letting my truck run in the summer locked with the ac blasting to keep the truck nice and cool when i go to see clinets out on the road. that is something Im gonna have to get used to or figure something out. Anyone ahve any ideas?
irontrain said:
I like the same thing,but for the heat in the winter.I've been looking at one of these.Seems like it will do everything we want for a good price.

The only thing bad about that is you cant leave the truck running and leave the air or heat on high and lock the doors that is great in the morning to start the car but nmost remote starts dont let you keep the heat or ac on High
This may sound like a very simple solution, but can you not leave the truck run and use the second key fob to lock the doors so you can then go do your thing?
Boar-Ral said:
This may sound like a very simple solution, but can you not leave the truck run and use the second key fob to lock the doors so you can then go do your thing?

I know in most other vehicles when the truch is running the keyfob becomes inactive for the doors thats too easy for it to work
That is not the case with the Avalanche. This is how I warmed my truck up in the winter. If you use the lock button on the door, it will immediately unlock. But if you use your second key fob to lock the door, it will work. Give it a try. :)
Well, I got the parts for the KE-1600. Looks pretty straight forward and pretty easy. The difficult part will drilling the holes in the body. You have to drill about 6 holes in the body and these aren't really small holes.
It's going to make me nervous, but there is a drill guide you can purchase to make it easy.
I'm going to do the install this week or weekend and I'll let everyone know.
Pendlum said:
You have to drill about 6 holes in the body and these aren't really small holes.


don't you just hate those mods where there is clearly no turning back to the way the truck was at some point (the drill is poised, the moment of truth has arrived), especially when it comes to exterior sheetmetal?

I know the old "measure twice, cut once" adage, when I am getting nervous I end up measuring like 10 times. :p
Cordova-03Av said:
Keypads are a nice convenience, but IMHO, don't go adding one just for the sake of having access when the keys are locked in! ?That's what 888-4ONSTAR is for. ? ;)

On Star is nice too, but not all of us have on Star.
Plus, with a keypad, you don't have monthly fees, ever have to call someone, or worry about your vehicle being out of cellular range for the On Star to work for your vehicle.
I had a friend once who had a keypad on his Ford Taurus. I walked up to it and randomly punched 4 digits.... The trunk popped open. :eek:

There is a false sense of security given because people think/know that a 4 digit code gives them a 1 in 10000 chance of randomly guessing it. But by "sharing" buttons for 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, and 9/0, your "alphabet" is reduced to 5 characters.

If you have a 4 digit code, it's really only a 4 button code and there are only 5 buttons to choose from... Therefore, you only have 54=625 possible combinations (pretty easy to hit with a random guess).

Whereas if you go with an 8 digit code, you end up with 58=390625 possible combos. That's significantly harder to guess at random!

This aftermarket unit allows codes up to 8 digits in length. So my point is this... if you get one, use all 8 digits for security sake.