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Last weeks trip!


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Apr 10, 2006
Hi guys,
      I did my first 3 days for the bear scouting last week, what a trip that was!  All the property I wanted to hunt down around Powers was locked up by the timber company and I was unable to get in so we moved to the back up spot that was 18 miles by gps from Powers.  We decided to go back roads(Only choice really)  After many MANY hours and locked gates we found our way to the spot, I put 159 miles on the truck(And a few heavy scratches) to go 18 miles on my gps.  Oh and I no longer have an Air dam on the fron of the truck half of it got ripped off on a big rock so I just removed the entire thing.
    We saw 1 Big black bear he was somewhere around 400lbs but could not get a shot at him, we saw alot of Turkeys but I am holding off on one of them till next trip and we saw a bunch of Elk.  Never had much time to look for Mushrooms but will on the next trip.  I leave on teh 13 and will return around the 22nd.  THats when the fun will really happen, well except for the 8 nights in a tent with Jacs dad, talk about a snorer!

We saw some awsome scenery, got into some pretty hairy spots I wish I would have taken pictures if but all in all had a great time.
sounds like the old bear of the woods was your tent partner    :p

Glad to know you had a good time... that all are safe and that your damage is minimal.
Thank goodness for cladding... my guess us that it would have been a lot worse,,,