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LCD Malfunction On Stock Radio



I'm experiencing a problem with the factory radio - the LCD display will be blank - even though the unit is playing and/or outputing sound. :( Then eventually the LCD's come back on. I'm in Arizona & its been hot lately (~110) so I'm wondering if some of this is heat enduced. After the truck A/C has ran for a few minutes the LCD comes back on.

Anyone else seen this behavior? Ideas?
(I'm planning on a dealer visit soon.... but wanted to bounce this off this forum)

Thanks, Dave
Haven't heard of this one before but a few months ago there were some posts about the radio losing time and needing to be reset. This just happened to me last week. Was taking my son to his Saturday bowling league and the clock was at 2:00 when it should have ben 8:45. After I reset the clock, it was and still is fine. It didn't affect the stations programmed in memory. In fact, when I installed my K&N filtercharger, I was advised by the group to disconnect the negative battery lead. That way when I got done and powered up, the computer would reset itself and adjust for new airflow numbers. Since the truck had no power, I had to reset the clock. Odd that the radio stations in memory were still there :)

Same thing happened to me Jamie.

I thought I had lost my mind...I got out of my truck listening to one station and the radio in the "on" position. Get back in an hour later....radio is turned off and when I turn it back on its on a diff station all together. And then I noticed the clock was off also.

Thats freaky X-Files stuff right there.

And no, no one could have gotten in my AV....for I have all the keys. ;D
I don't know if it's much help besides a confirmation that it is a problem for the dealer, but I'm in Arizona too, and my radio (and display) have been fine, even though the Av sits out in an asphalt parking lot all day at work.