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Leak Finally Fixed!



After 3 attempts and 3 weeks in the shop, they fix my leak!

The finally replaced all the seals and the midgate cross bar.

I think it was the new cross bar that did it. The midgate fits very snugly and very flush agains the cross bar.

3 thunderstorms later, no leaks!

yes I too can report a leak free dry rear carpet Av after having been severely tested by 4-5 severe downpours in the Northeast lately - had my seals replaced per TSBs, but not a new crossbar (that's a new one, as far as I can tell!)

Av is potty trained once again, no wetting the carpet on me. :D
Glad to hear that Chevy's figuring this one out! My Av hasn't leaked yet, but honestly, it hasn't been put to the test too dramatically.

So . . . anticipating what may be inevitable - LEAKS - I'm glad the fixes are beginning to be understood.

Congrats on you dry Av's!
To all with the leak fixed ? Have you checked under the plastic molding that is used as a drain under the midgate (while it is in the closed position)? ?I thought my problems were fixed too, as I did not see water on the vertical midgate seals. ?But closer inspection, while bending over and looking underneath the midgate as I described above, proved to have water there. ?:C: ?It occurs after a rainstorm, light or heavy. ?I have had the midgate and window seals replaced, but not the bar. ?Maybe this needs to be done.
hymur, maybe I have not had enough coffee yet this moring, but this midgate area drain you are reffering to - is it inside the cabin or outside the cabin? If it is inside the cabin and still showing signes of water, I agree the leak from a bad midgate seal is probably not fixed. And maybe the crossbar somehow became bowed (or is otherwise bad) and should be replaced.

But if this drain is outside of the cabin, meaning it comes into play when there is water in the bed - well that does not come into the category of bad midgate seal, right? More like bad panel seal, and ps, mine are not watertight, more like water resistant (meaning I would not lay an expensive watercolor face up in the bed - even with panels on - with a rainstorm coming). Something I am keepin an eye on, because if the panel leak issue goes beyond reasonable, I am shooting for replacement panels under warranty (which come in an improved version now). I am not home and cannot investigate the location of this drain you reference, so forgive me for not being better informed.

No problem. ?It is in the cab - the primary reason for this drain IMHO is for the scenario when the bedside is wet (for whaterver reasons); any water they may be on the seals or on the midgate panel (bed side) when you go to drop it will drip down onto this plastic molding. ?You will see that it covers the hinges for the midgate and has drain plugs (it is molded to act as a catch). ?It has two holes about 1/4" in diameter in the plastic.