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Leaks and rattles, for the long time owners


New Member
Aug 26, 2007
I have been thinking of an '07 Avalanche, I keep wondering if they start to rattle or leak or any other bad habits as they get older. ?? All those moving parts worry me. ?? Although that is the reason I would like it, for it's flexibility, I also dont want water where it shoudln't be or constant rattles that can only be fixed by turning up the radio. ??

Either confirm my fears or put my worries to rest!

welcome to the club blckthree
overall mine has held up well, there are a few rattles here and there if I have the radio completely off, but nothing excessive

haven't had much trouble with water leaks at all
NO rattles no leaks..

suggest checking out some older ones... on used lots
I've got no water leaks and the only rattle I have is a small one in the driver's door panel. It's not bad enough that I want to take the panel off to try to fix it.
No water issues here, except a few years back when Tropical Storm Tammy hit the hotel we were staying at.. 
Rattle nothing major, excpet sometimes there is too much change in the ashtray
Surprisingly, my Av (new dec 03) has essentially no rattles.? My wife's 06 4-runner does have some rattles, and her 03 Acura TL-S before that had tons of rattles early.? I am really starting to doubt the supposed 'Japanese superiority in quality' I was brainwashed with in the 80's-90's.? Definately then, but not so much anymore.? No leaks in interior, but a little water may get in bed from time to time.? I think I might try to keep this baby for another 4 years - especially as much as they cost.? But I sure do like the new interior...