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Leaks From Roof Cladding Down Rear Window


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Jan 24, 2002
Redmond, WA
I've noticed this on rainy days and when going through the carwash. Basically, water dribbles down the rear window. I'm assuming it's getting between the roof steel and roof cladding (sail top?). Has anyone else seen this? Any workaround? Maybe some caulking? ;)

This probably contributes to the overall un-sealed property of the rear window that many of us are experiencing.
Fish - do you have a roof rack - could be they drilled through too far and that's where it's coming through. Also have you checked for the crack on the window trim - another possibility. I live in the dreary wet Pacific Northwest and my Av, front and rear is as water tight as a ducks arse...
No roof rack. I haven't checked the window trim, since the dribbles seem to be all the way across the top of the window.

Note that the water is outside, not inside the truck. It just seems that the seal between where the roof ends and the rear sail begins isn't tight. No chance of it damaging anything, it just makes for gobs of water spots on the outside of the window itself.
I've seen this too. Otherwise, the back window stays dry and I don't have to clean it very often. ;)

Caulk probably wouldn't work due to the movement between the metal and sail. Maybe some rubber gasket cord?
I noticed the same thing a couple days ago during a rain storm. I asked my daughter in the back seat to see if the water was on the inside or outside of the window. Fortunately it was on the outside.

That window shouldn't take very long to clean - we'll see how it goes.
Fish said:
I've noticed this on rainy days and when going through the carwash. ?Basically, water dribbles down the rear window. ?I'm assuming it's getting between the roof steel and roof cladding (sail top?). ?Has anyone else seen this? ?Any workaround? ?Maybe some caulking? ;)

Mine drips too on the outside. If you look at where the roof meets the cladding at the rear, it looks like there are a couple of drain holes there; it may even be designed to work like this.

Doesn't seem to be a big deal to me, regardless.

I live in South Louisiana and we know how to rain down here. I havn't had any problems with the window but I have with sealing off the tailgate on the left side and I thionk that's just a minor adjustment.
It does look like it's "by design". This is going to cause some problems with the addition of a Snug Top or other cap.

My thought was to put the cap on and remove the midgate window permanently. One could go camping, put a couple 12" subs back there, or whatever. Of course, if there's going to be water pouring down from where the window used to be, none of these are options.

I wonder if Snug Top is going to market their canopy solution as "80% water tight".