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LEDS And Cruise Control


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Jul 18, 2002
I recently installed led's in my tail lights just to find out that my cruise control is not working and my signal lights blink to fast for the signal light they sell a load equalizer that will fix the problem, but does anybody have anything for the cc, I'm planning on going back to stock and return the lights it's costing me about $100.00 and I loose the use of my cc, any advise on this
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I'd hate to think that a controller blew in the CC. Have you thoroughly checked fuses? Maybe one is blown.

Why would the leds effect the cruise?... they are surely seperate circuits.
I think I found the answer in another thread:

LED lamp clusters

openminds said:
If you are going to use LED lights in your brakes, you need to run the "Made for Chevy" versions. They have a resistor in them to fool the GM electronics into thinking you have regular bulbs. These are available just about ?anywhere you can buy LED bulb products
Dan, there is a relationship I had read it on an older thread but there was never an answer to the problem at first I checked the fuse and the fuse was ok then I remembered that older thread thats when I installed the factory lights back and the cc was ok.