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leds on sail panel


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Mar 15, 2007
hampton falls nh
i have seen many instructions on putting these lights in and even pics, but no pics on wiring to the third break light ,i have never done any eletronics or electical so i am dumb when it comes to wires can someone maybe draw a diagram for me thanks
You dont need to go to the 3rd brake light.  Just to the trailer harness, (thats your best bet) Or you can go to the tail lights. 

Two reasons why you dont see many members going to the 3rd brake:

1. Those pesky bolts on the bottom dont like to line up when re-installing them.
2. The 3m tape that helps hold the top on across the cab is a real bear to peel off.
were would you connect you just splice into wires for tow harness or to brake lights and were do you run the wires sorry i am a dummy but like the effect
what year is your Av? ....

you can tie the wires into the trailer harness ... find the wire for the left turn signal then tie all of the red wires from the left side sail panel leds in that wire (look at the trailer harness cover it will have on it what each of the pins are too .... then do the same for the red wires on the right side to the right turn signal ....

then takes the black wires and tie in the ground wire on the trailer harness or tie it into a group strap on the truck (silver flat wire near the bumper) ....

this way the led will work for the brake lights and turn signals ....
gently pull the panels apart to access the rear. ?Just enough to get your fingers in so you sont snap the retaining clips. (use a handle of a screwdriver) should give you enough room. ?Make sure you run the wire thru the whole behind the panels. ?connect all the red wires from the LED's together, then all the black wires together. ?Connect those to a single red and a single black with enough length to reach the rear of your AV. ?Once you have the LED's in. The best thing to do is remove the stoage box's. (This way the wire is in the side wall of the AV between the side panel and the inner cargo area. ?There are bolts on top to take out as well as one under the locking bar. (If your looking down into your box from the side of your AV, its below where the lid latches pointed to your stomach. ?EASY to remove, then drop the wires behind your tail lights and run to the trailer harness. ?I dont remember what color wire did what function but there SHOULD be a paper lable around the harness near the connector.

TEST YOUR LED'S BEFORE STARTING to make sure they are good. use a 9 volt battery hold black to neg. and red to positive.


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just to put my .02 in, i tried going to the trailer harness when i did my sail pannels and thought it was a huge pain in the arse, what i did was once i got all the leds tied together as they should be, i ran the main two wires, the hot lead and the ground, directly to the tail lights. i just thought it was a lot easier, but thats just me.


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well thanks everyone i think i got it i am going to give it the old college try this weekend i will have pics when i am done thanks again
Thank you for the pictures and explanation Tango Chaser.

I had the sail panel lights on my 03 and I miss them.

So I am getting ready to add them to my 07.

To me it is the one mod that is nice because it is unique only to the Avalanche.

Yes Tango Chaser nice job of explaining. I was intimidated to do mine also but it is really easy to do you will love the outcome. :B:
you could get creative and add another 15 or so..... >:D


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yeah...ill take the picture for you cause i did it in a way that i havent heard anyone else doing it and it looks really clean. i have to go out soon but ill try to take the picture when i return before ihave to leave again for work, but its really easy. all you have to do is snake the wire up under the lip on the saddle bag or side storage boxes, you never see them and no one will ever know they are there untill you tell them. drive safe, andrew
:wave: take the three torx head bolts out for the grab handles, take the four torx head screws out around the inside of the saddle bag cover, one more bolt on the inside of box, just below the locking lip. gently lift this assembly and put a carpenters pencil of something of the like to hold it up while you run the wires between the bed steel and the panel box, you can easily pull the wires under the little drainage port from the sail panels to this area, then off to your tail lights or hitch assemble whichever you prefer.

3 torx screws on the tie down bracket and 4 torx screws on the lid 2 on each side


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1 bolt below the lock latch after that you can lift the box assembly up


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run the wires across you can use some tape to hold them in place if you want to so the wires will stay in place and wont get hung up on anything when you put the box assembly back down


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Wires run behind the tail light assembly and come out the bottom of the truck from there you can tie them in to the trailer harness wires.


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do you have a shopping lists of parts and where to get them?  I asked before and somebody told me shucks, but I don't know what to ask for, as well as wiring that I need. :help:
radio shack 1 pak. 276-1101 diodes . 1 pak-Resistors 271-1113 . 40 feet 16 or 18 awg wire RED and 40 feet of wire black. rosin core solder , soldering iron , wire strippers and wire cutters , heat shrink , your led lights , 12v test light .I think that's all if Iam wrong or left something out Iam sure someone will chime in and correct me .
you can pick up the LED's at pep boys ,autozone , or any auto parts store of your choosing. Good luck and have fun after your done you will be happy that you did it .Enjoy  :wave: