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Leveling Front End With Torsion Bars???




Coulda put this in my other post but thought it could stand its own question. My front end sits WAY low. I know it REALLY REALLY rides well that way and if I change Ill have to have the frontend realigned but I would like to "level" the front end if possible (by wrenchin down on the torsion bars) without interfering with my Auto4x4 system. Is this possible? If not, will it harm the system by leveling the truck and just not engaging the Auto system?

Onward and skyward,

Welcome to the club, I had an 02 that I raised with torsion bars one inch for clearance of 20" wheels. No problems with the auto 4x4

Again, lowerd the truck on my 03 with new conrol arms, shocks, blah blah, still no effect on the auto 4x4. (yes, i have driven it in some snow and ice, I do live in Iowa.)
I have the same problem with mine,it sits alot lower in the front.I need to know how to do it with the torsion bars.I looked under my av and I am not sure what to adjust.
If you use the search function of this site, you will find several posts in regards to how to crank up the bars. I bought aftermarket, re-indexed 'keys' that slip in the front of the torsion bars that will allow you to crank up the front of the vehicle level with the back. It's been stated, that certain Ford 'keys' are indexed properly for the AV, which can be acquired much cheaper. I did not experience any of the cons that some have reported when cranking on the bars. This is on an '03 2500.
I cranked the bars on the 02 AV that I had before and it made it feel like a pogo stick in the front.
Crank them if you want, my 03 will be getting a lift kit.

Terry (y)
I have an '02 Z71 and I maxed out my torsion bars and all I got was roughly 3/4 of an inch. I didn't affect the ride much though.
I am with nayeats79. I maxed out my torsion bars as well and noticed NO difference in the ride. I had the local Big-O Tire store tighten the bars (at no charge) >:D when I was adding 305's. Don't forget the realignment!!