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Lifted Nation ? - Happy w/ 5.3L / 4.10s?


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Feb 14, 2007
Meadowlands, NJ
Are you guys happy with the 5.3L and 4.10 gears running 33-35" tires?

I have a 6.0L on order, but it looks like it'll be an '08 at this point. For the same price (considering I won't get the same incentives when it comes in), I may be able to get a 5.3L w/ the 4.10s (I got my eye on one, anyway...) with more options. I'll want to lift it and go to a 33-35" tire fairly soon. The truck will be a daily driver for a short commute (~3 mile r/t), and I have a second car for longer trips that would get somewhat better milage. With gas prices the way they are, and the fact that I'll want to keep the truck for a long time, I'm wondering if the 5.3 with its better overall MPG and FlexFuel ability might be a better choice (even though FlexFuel isn't available near me yet)?

Let me know what you think!
In my experience I would say that more power is better. I got 4.56 gears when I got the 35s put on and it does help gain beack some hp. If you just get 33s then 4.10s will be fine, 35s you really should have 4.56s, but 4.10s will work for a while. The flex fuel option really isn't all that great, if you want to cut down on pollution then go ahead and get it, just be warned that you'll see about a 2 mpg decrease. You can get the 5.3 AV now and have plenty of different lifts to throw on it, if you wait for the 08 to be built you'll have to wait a little bit longer for the aftermarkets to get the lifts out.

Thanks for the reply, James (BTW, I spent 4 years at SUNY Oneonta - nice area up there!). I have the feeling once I get the lift, I won't want to be doing any trimming/cutting, and I don't want to swap out the gears on the new truck, so I'll most likely end up w/ something like 305/65-18 wheel/tire combo.

According to one drivetrain calculator, with the 4.10 rear, a 6.0L w/ that tire will be running 200RPM less than the 5.3L @ 70mph, so I'm wondering how that may offset the MPG estimates as well. This may be in part due to the slightly taller 4th gear ratio in the tranny w/ the 6.0L -  .63 vs. .7, from what I can find out(?). I wonder - would it be possible to actually get better gas milage w/ the 6.0L and larger tires over stock, since the 6.0L may not 'work as hard'? (OK, that may just be wishful thinking).

As for waiting for the lift, you may be right, but I can't see the '08s being much different from the '07s, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the '07 lifts will most likely work on the '08s, or be similar enough that only minor modifications are needed by the manufacturers to get them to fit (ie, Fabtech seems to have 1 kit for all 2000-2006 Yukons, Tahoes, and Avalanches).

Thanks again for your input!
I've been running the 5.3L with stock 3.73's and 35's for 5 years and 100K miles without a problem. Just to give you an idea on the quality of the 5.3L. Yes, I would love more power, but this engine seems to be pretty tough. I' even towed our boat for 3 of those years. Haven't heard much info on the 6.0L yet, byt am looking forward to everyone's input as they get out there.

Might be safe to wait a bit on the lifts to get the flaws worked out also. I know they're having some probs with the Autoride and Stabilitrak etc...

Good luck with your decision...
I've got the 5.3 with 3.73's and running 37's.  It's not the end of the world for me and I don't notice a lot of difference except how I have to get on it going up a hill.

I know there are some 6.0's with 4.10's around here, what are you looking for specifically?
Just my 2 cents.
I have the 5.3L ,3.73 combo w/33".
I'm changing them to 4.10's.I was condering 4.56,but I thing 4.10 would be good.the 5.3L seems to like to cruise at above 2000RPM.
Mine is turning 1850RPM at 70mph right now.Now if I do some towing,I'll won't use the overdrive,drive a little slower also.The motor will still be spinning at 2500-2700 RPM range,so it will have more torque available when needed.On the dyno,mine is making good torque at 3000rpm-4000rpm range.I heard alot of people getting more gas mileage with the 4.10 than 3.73 or 3.42 w/stock size tires.
5.3, 410's, 35" tires, with a Superchip programmer, volant air intake is very close to stock IMO.  456's would be better, but the 410 are fine IMO.  I'll give you an update once I put another 500 miles on...if I ever get my truck back. :E:
the 5.3 is ok with a lift, but you can never have too much power and torque. i don;t like to have to "get on it" on the steep hills. would a 2500 do that?

i'm curious as to what the difference feels like driving a lifted w/35 and 4.10 5.3 avalanche and a lifted w/35 and 4.10 8.1 avalanche.

does the torque and power of the 8.1 keep things feeling stock even with a lift or do you still feel a slump in the power after the lift.

anyway, been toying with converting to the 2500 side of the house. veeeerry tempting.

I have the 5.3L with stock 3.73 gears on 37's and it is great on highway but it is very slow on getting up off the line but it doesn't bother me because I 'm not trying to race a jacked up truck.I would eventually change to a 4:10 but not in a hurry for that.
Hi!  5.3 with stock 410's running 35's with all the other mods I was happy with this for 4 years.(100K)

Now that it is FI  :eek: But still testing out the AV with all the new power. only a few weeks old.
If you're going to lift it, there's no substitute for cubic inches.  Run with the 6.0.  It would be worth the wait.  The MPG will probably be better with the 6.0 lifted because you're not having to get on it just to start rolling.  For big tires, you need torque, and the 6.0 has 373 ft-lbs. versus the 5.3 with 338.  That's substantial.  A 5.3 with 4.10's still couldn't hang with the 6.0 and 3.73's.