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Lifted Pewter Z-71, Hamburg NY


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Jul 17, 2002
Buffalo, NY
Spotted a light Pewter metallic Z-71 in Hamburg NY, in the parking lot on the corner of Main Street and South Buffalo. If you looked to the next row to your left, you might have seen mine in blue.

This is one sweet looking truck, appears to be loaded, and some of the more significant external mods are:
  • Suspension lift
  • Custom rims
  • Custom tires
  • Brush guard (Waag?)
  • Off road lights
  • Rear window graphics
  • Window vent visors
If this is your truck, and you're reading this, please respond by posting here, or sending me an e-mail. I'd love to talk about where you've been on this great ride of yours.

I've seen a bunch of Avalanches around town, but all the others have been strictly stock. This is the first I've seen by someone who obviously loves their truck! :love:

We're planning a local area get together, maybe you can make it. Check it out: Western New York Informal GTG

-- SS