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Line-X Bedliner


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Aug 12, 2002
Newport News, Va
? i have been noticing my bed is always wet when i lift up the rubber bedliner. ?i can imagine what type's of problem's this will cause in the future.
? so, i decided to get a price on a spray-in bedliner. ?i only wanted the tailgate and bed sprayed. ?the gentlemen that does the spraying explained that the liner would not stick properly to the tailgate because of the material it is structured from. ?but, the bed would not be a problem. ?and for $150 i would be all taken care of.
? he say's that he runs into this problem (condensation) with other applications, and the liner seems to take care of it.
? just in case anyone else is having this problem this would give you an idea of what it would cost. :B:
Well, I also wanted Line-X because of the wet bed under the mat so I went to the local dealer.

They did nice work and had several examples there. They even had a WAAG brush guard they had done. Very nice.

However, my estimate was $325! :eek:

It seems that pickups are much easier to do. They drop a curtain between the bed and the cab. After that they only have to mask off the tops of the bed.

With the AV they described all of this masking they would have to do. I told them I would wait and think about it.

I might do it some day but not this month.
when i got the estimate the guy told me it would mostly consist of masking/taping. "it would only take about twenty minutes to spray the bed down good and thick", he said. so most of the money is going toward labor. the labor to tape/mask the truck off.
i wonder why the price quotes are so different? when you say the local dealer, do you mean Chevy or Line-X? that could be the reason. :B:
Sorry guys question. If you don't get that done is the bed still going to be ok from rusting in the future ??? Just curious.

i think the bed would be okay as long as there are no scratches where oxidation can take place. however, i would think the constant condensation can result in discoloration of the paint. anyone else agree? ???
If you are going with the Line-X, there is a $10.00 coupon in one of the Four Wheeler Magazine. I can give you the coupon by mail. I just need to search for the magazine. Don't worry I will pay for the stamp! :)
I had mine done the first month I had the truck. $150 in Alpharetta, Ga. Much better than having the rubber mat rubbing through the paint with all that water sitting in the bed.
I had a Scorpion Liner sprayed into mine; and I love it. It will keep a rubbery feel, but not like the mat. I am not even planning to re-install that cumbersome mat.
i got quoted $325 from a line-x local dealer. too pricey for me :cautious:, i would do it for $150 in a hearbeat. just gotta keep on searchin.
I bought my AV used and the bed mat was missing. I had a Line-X in my last truck and loved it... I guess this is what I'm planning on doing also.. considering the factory mat is probably more expensive than the Line-X floor would be :cool:
I had Speedliner in my truck before and it was great. You can spray it any color and is is strong and slip resistant.

What about the drain holes?

the Line-X dealer said he would ensure not to cover the drain holes in the bed. he had me pull the rubber mat up. and he also wanted the mid-gate open to get a real good look at what he was getting into. he told me $150. i told him he had a deal. i will be back there on payday. :B:
i took off my panels today so i could p/u something after work. i thought that if the panels were off all day the water under the rubber liner would dry up. wrong!! :8: :7: it was just as wet in the afternoon as it was this morning. so i definitely have to get the Line-X. no if's, and's, or but's about it now!
I know this is an old post but has anybody had more experience with this???

I am thinking about spraying the bed floor, the tailgate and the bed sides

any thoughts on this???
35thAV said:
I know this is an old post but has anybody had more experience with this???

I am thinking about spraying the bed floor, the tailgate and the bed sides

any thoughts on this???

Why would you want to do the tailgate and sides?  They are already plastic...  they won't rust and should hold up to wear and tear.

The floor makes sense to me.

looks good that way...? ? QUASI CLADDED WBH

Pretty sure he's talking about the metal bottom of the bed, but that WBH is pretty cool!