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Loaner Car For Warranty Work?


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Jun 9, 2002
Dallas (North) TX
Wife took the AV in for leak repair today. Dealer has always provided loaner if vehicle requires overnight stay. Anyway, she gets there at noon, & they say they can?t get to it until late today or in the morning. They tell her to leave and bring it back at 5pm. & they will start on it late today or in the morning. When she asks about a loaner, they say she can?t have one unless they keep it 24 hours, & if they don?t get it back to her tomorrow night, she can have a loaner then. Car is less than 2 weeks old & still has the paper tags.

After my call to the Service Mgr. They change their tune & have her return the AV and get her loaner. Am I being unreasonable? It?s a $40K vehicle, and it?s not like I was asking for a Vette as a loaner.

Just curious whether the loaner is supposed to be included in warranty, or is a dealer policy or what the deal is? We have bought 2 Suburbans from the same dealership & have never had this problem before.
It has been my experience that a dealer does not have to provide a loan car. There is nothing in the warranty that states this that I am aware of. A few of thedealers in my area use Enterprise car rental for the loan cars. Others have had 5-10 dealer cars for loaners. I have had to make a reservation for a loan car in the past to be assured of a loan car while my car was in for repairs. I have a friend with a new Ford Explorer with 4000 miles on it and the dealer has had it for 22 days now and they did not give her a loan car... They still have been unable to correct her problem.. She is now wishing to give the car back under lemon law. Should know in the next couple of days.
I went 2 weeks around and around with them to get a loaner wile they put on my roof rack. Well when they caved in they tried to give me my trade in, to drive.
I told them if I wanted to drive that piece of **** I wouldn't have bought the Av. Well they gave me a diffrent one after that. Try to get a 4X4 out of them, see how tight they pucker. ....Well Mr wilson we have a four door gnat over here..Come-on.
Well they been good to me so I'll mellow on them, I'm paying them well enough though ;D.......
their stand is usually "Know how to hitch hike?"
I understand your frustration, it is a lot to pay for a vehicle, but you probably won't be too happy if and when you get a loaner.

After 10 days of owning my AV, I brought it in for water leake issue (still have) - they kept it for two weeks - and I was stuck with a Kia Rio. :D: I called GM customer service, and they stated exactly what the dealer said - GM only allows $30/day for vehicle. If you want something bigger, you pay the difference out of pocket - nice huh, after spening $40K on a vehicle that leaks right off the lot.

I went in a 2nd time to fix the leak, but talked to my sales guy, got a Mitsubishi Gallant that time - better/bigger than the Rio (had NO OPTIONS), but still was not something I consider a reasonable loaner for for owning an AV, and one with a problem they can't seem to fix yet :8:
Well, at least they gave us one, and not too bad. It's a brand new Impala, loaded (Not the AV, but not a Cavalier either). And I must say, the Service Mgr was great: Now if they can only fix the leak!

My backup plan was to go to my salesman directly. He pushed us hard at delivery to put "Completely Satisfied" on the survey we would get, saying he didn't get his bonus if we didn't. When they first told her she couldn't have a loaner, "Completely Satisfied" is not how I was feeling. So I was about to see what demo he normally drives so I would know what our loaner was going to be, then hopefully he knows how to hitchike!

BTW, I could understand them being busy and not able to get to it right away, so we had called ahead of time, and they said "Bring it on up".

Anyone know of any "Impala Owners" Club meetings in DFW this week? :C:
When my AV had the transfer case rebuilt, I was given a well beaten and dented 2001 Cavalier...... I thought my ass was dragging the ground.

There was no hassel from the dealer about getting a car, since my truck was messed up.

I was not happy that I got a smoker's rental car, but it was better than hanging out my thumb :)
I had a surprizingly good experience. My 2500 had a bad seal on the front diff. I brought it in after calling and they had a hail-damaged van ready for me. After they repaired it they dropped it off in my driveway and took the loaner.
:eek: No kia built could fit me let alone room for someone else!
As far as my dealer, I told them to put in a Tram to Walmart or at least some beater golf cart loaners, while they change me oil.
I am happy they gave me oil changes for life an the AV, They have found all sorts of bolts missing, oil leaks, broken fog lights,exc. While it's up in the air. And fixed them all befour I get back from Walmart! As long as they cant figure out how it broke in six seconds or less, it's free. >:D Or at least set up repair time.
Well, it all worked out for us. Got the AV back today, ran thru the car wash, and no more leaks! They were very apologetic about the loaner and said it was a new service advisor's misunderstanding of the policy. The advisor did tell us to watch for leaks around the tailgate. He says it's a problem GM is aware of, but he says they haven't found a fix. He says right now the only way to fix it is to remove all the inside paneling and gaskets and the exterior handle assembly, and would likely also involve a repaint of the tailgate. Hope mine doesn't start leaking! Just FYI, don't know if anyone has had that problem. :B:
I've been reading the forum since about January and bought my AV in February. ?Up until now I haven't had anything to say (You know what they say about the QUIET ones! :cool:). ?Well now I do! ?I have had a problem with my AV's engine light. ?It started last Sunday night. ?The light came on while I was driving so I punched up On-Star and they said it was a transmission problem. ?So I took the truck in on Tues. ?and they gave me a ride to work (as they always do) When I picked it up, they said they had cleared the code and couldn't reproduce it. ?The light came back on Wed. morning. ?I dropped the truck off after work and they gave me an 2002 Impala to drive (nice car but weird after driving an AV!) Friday, I picked the truck up and they said they had replaced a sensor or solenoid (can't remember which) in the torque converter. ?The light goes back on while I'm driving home. ?I take it back Mon. and they again drop me off at work. ?After work they said they were still working on it so they gave me a 2002 Cadilac Deville (SWEET CAR! ?Almost as nice as an AV ;). ?So, I may get my truck back tomorrow but I'd rather let them take their time and get it fixed this time. ?So, I guess I would have to say that I am VERY pleased with my dealership! ?Hope this wasn't too long winded!
I've only gotten a loaner when they?ve kept the truck overnight. The only problem is they don't know that when I drop the truck off, so I have to ride their courtesy shuttle from the dealer, to work, back to the dealer (drive the rental), return to work on the shuttle. That shuttle can eat up LOTS of time.

When I called today for a pickup, they aid the shuttle was out getting someone else. They?d send the shuttle out once he came back. I suggested that the driver could pick up BOTH of us if we were in the same area. They said that was a great idea! :p No wonder the shuttle takes forever.

As for rentals, I took the small car the first time. You know, the one that would fit in the back of the AV. Second time I splurged, paid an extra $5, and rented one of the caddies. Nice ride, but still WAY too low.
I brought my Ave in this morning to a local dealer for (leak repair). I was driving home from a fishing trip a couple of weeks ago and it was raining hard. I was hydro planing in places where the water had pooled up on the road.

The next morning I noticed that the floorpan carpets where soaked in the front and back :-( so I made an appointment with the dealer to get it fixed.

I have checked the midgate for leaks and haven't found any yet.

I also noticed a front diff leak a couple of days ago.

So far they have fixed the front diff (it was a bad venthose).

The waterleak is due to seams that didn't get sealed right during assembly (according to the tsb).

I asked for a loaner car this afternoon when I realized that they would have my Ave overnight. The service tech put me on hold for a second and came back to tell me that since my Ave was from Canada that they would not give me a loaner :7:. I bought my Ave from a fleet liquidation dealer because none of the gm dealers had a black or green loaded 2500.

I hope to get a loaner from them if they keep it any longer.