Looking for new suspension system


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I have been looking around for a new suspension system in my 08. I leaning towards just going to the convention route and not dealing with the air ride system. I mostly use RockAuto as my place to order parts. I?ve noticed on every description they all say the same thing. They mostly say exclude or w/o an lot of things like the magnetic ride control and 22? wheels. I just want to make sure I order the right suspension.

What I?m looking at ordering in the next week is the Ultra-Power sk2954 with the bypass sensor. Anyone have any info on a new suspension?


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You may want to take some time and read old threads about shock replacement. Some have bought aftermarket shocks with various results. Most suffered a poorer ride quality and had sensor issues setting off warnings. Those with better results used Bilstein shocks with a sensor bypass. Then next satisfied was those who bought replacement air system parts from a company called I believe  named Arnott which are a more direct replacement.
The happiest people seem to be those who just bit the bullet and bought the GM replacement parts and regained the best ride and didn't have any problems with warning sensors going off or having to replace the system in just a couple of years.......

Good luck with your decision......