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Loose 3rd brake light


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Jan 24, 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada
I notice on my '04 AV, the 3rd brake light is loose, and I figure if it rains, water could enter the cab.  Is this area in the roof just a cavity where the 3rd brake light sits, or is it open to the cab area?  I think when the dealer install a 3rd brake light flasher that makes this light flash everytime the brake pedal is pushed, this piece of hardware was installed next to the brake light.  Can anyone shed any light on this subject, or just maybe nobody knows what the h--- I'm talking about..
There is a grommet for the wires to pass through... so no worry of leaks there....

why not tighten up light?
Third brake light is separate from body, water won't enter cab, to fix it yourself, you have to remove the cladding piece, there are several screws across the top, and I think two along the underside, also has a strip of 2 sided tape across top, you'll need a new piece. Light is held to plastic with a couple of clips, and a screw.


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