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lost 1st and 4th gear then truck went dead


New Member
Jul 21, 2007
I had a major issue last month with my 04 av. I suddenly lost 1st and 4th gears in the tranny after taking off from a stop. I immediately thought the tranny needed to be rebuilt again. After all I do have 126K on the truck now. I got it home and the next morning I went out to check the problem and the truck wouldn't do anything. and then the electrical system seemed to go haywire (door chime, dash lights, etc. went crazy). I went down and bought a ignition switch and it fixed the entire problem. The switch cost me $70 and it took me 5min. to replace. Snap off the lower column cover. Unplug the wiring from the switch that is mounted directly under the key assembly. Push in the two white spring loaded tabs and remove and install the new one. The dealerships was going to charge me around $300 for this repair. I hope this will help all that may have or will have the same problem.
Ignition switch is common problem and causes many things to go wrong...

Tranny shifts funny.
stuck in 3rd
gages go goofey etc etc etc..