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Mag Light Question??


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Jun 9, 2003
Greenville, SC
Ok.... I am not dumb and I am very mechanicaly inclined. I found the topic of the Mag Light and said "Oyea.. that is me". I did see where someone else has the same problem I do. My '03 does not have the screws that bolt underneath the lid of the storage unit. I see them in the photos that everyone has sent in. I guess I will have to take it apart and drill the holes and bolt it in...

Has anyone else come accross this?
Seems that just "some" of the '03s are missing the screws in the underside of the saddle bag lids. I don't think anyone has figured out what the common factor is though. People have gotten past it though by just using a small drill bit and wrapping tape around it to let you know when you've drilled "deep enough" for the short screw. No need to take it apart to mount if you don't want to, but definately be safe and don't drill too deep.
Thanks for the help. I actualy went ahead and drilled the hole using 1/2 inch sheet metal crews with a pan head. They worked perfactly.

I'm surprised that the screws aren't there. How is the bottom plate of the lid held in place?

BTW my 03 has the screws
It looks like it is one piece that is molded into the top. I bet this was a running change to increase production and decrease cost. The Truck was built in Dec '02 for the record.
That makes sense!

Mine was produced 09/02 so was VERY early.
and.... has the 2 piece top
Mine was produced 11/20/02. So it looks like we have our window of production change narrowed down to somewhere between 11/20/02 and 12/02. That is, unless someone has one that doesn't follow that rule.

Can anyone out there with an '03 confirm your build date and whether the underside of your saddle bag lids have screws? Interesting topic.

I think it's on the sticker inside the driver's door. Or if not there it might be on the one inside the glove box.

Interesting, I recently brought mine in April and saw this mod. Now, I'll have to take a look at my saddle bag to see if there's any screws. I don't know the built date on mine. But tomorrow Friday I'll find out. It's my RDO (regular day off) :).
My 03 av has a built date of 11/02 and does have the screws.

Now here's a question? mine was built in 11/02 and I have the screws. RENORCR was built in 11/02 and does not have the screws.

Yeah, I checked to make sure about the date. I still have my built sheet Date: 11/29/02 Time 18:59:56. I 've included a photo.

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Yeah, I checked to make sure about the date. I still have my built sheet Date: 11/29/02 Time 18:59:56. I 've included a photo.
Wow! Looks like we might have it narrowed down to a specific week!!! Mine was built 11/20/02 and DOES have the screws. It might be what was said earlier that it is the build date on the actual lid that matters, but with JIT (Just In Time) parts delivery I bet it wasn't long before the truck build date.

So sounds like they went to the new lids somewhere between 11/20/02 and 11/29/02.