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Max & Min Seen On Your Temp Gauge


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May 17, 2002
What kind of range have you seen on your AV's temp gauge?

I have seen -30F and a max of 112F this year.......
I have no spectacular range to tell here in the Pacific Northwest with my Av.

HOWEVER - when I owned by Pontiac Montana and used it for travel writing my adventures brought me to:

Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Colorado, Minnesota, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, New Mexico, California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho in little more than three years.

Record high - Marble Canyon, Arizona - 113 degrees. Man I will never forget that place. The wind must of been blowing at 20 MPH. It felt like you were standing in front of a furnace when you stepped out of the van. Walking 100 feet from an air conditioned store to the air conditioned van a candy bar I purchased melted!

Record low - North Sioux City, South Dakota - -17 degrees below zero. Won't forget that one either. The air was dense and cold it felt almost liquid, hard to describe. Driving the fan with the heat on full blast required me to scrape the ice off from the INSIDE of the glass.
Not likely that I'll ever witness any sort of super low temp, but mine is usually 110+ when I come out from work each day. It's usually 4-7 degrees warmer than what the news people say it was... I'm guessing it's from the heat of the concrete/asphault under the Av...

Chief, I know how that blast furnace feels! I'm not really bothered too much by the heat, but it is pretty amazing to witness when the wind intensifies rather than alleviates the heat!

I just have to look forward to driving my Av around with the windows down and the back open in January when it's mid 70's here ;)
Crexis my friend - a trip down to Tuscon is on my list of must do's. Have you ever gone into Saguaro National Park? It seems like there are some NPS roads and opportunities to get up into the mountains in the east unit...
Nothing spectacular, but I think 18 F for a min. and 105 F for a max. The max came down to 99 to 100 after I got going ;)
davidw55 said:
Nothing spectacular, but I think 18 F for a min. and 105 F for a max. ?The max came down to 99 to 100 after I got going ?;)
"F"? Are we talking about "fahrenheit" in this TOPIC or recommended "female" dating ages?

Sorry ... couldn't help myself ;D

Yeah, some of the NPS roads go up into the Catalinas (NE of the park) and the Rincon's (E of park). I've not been out there in my Av yet... only done the paved roads in a car a few years back. The park has been closed off and on for the last few months because of fires nearby :( . Nothing as big as the central AZ fire up in the White Mountains, but seems like the whole state is on fire this year!

There's a 4wheel drive trail up out of there that goes over to a gorgeous waterfall (when/if we ever get any rain here) that we want to try in the fall sometime.

If you ever get down here, look me up!
Same as you Chief...

-17*F ?about three years ago up here in the NE US. ?We were going snowboarding at Loon Mt. I believe. ? WOW that was cold.

Hottest - last summer, 107*F going up 495 in Maine, around the end of July. ?At 10:00 at night, it was still 100*F... ?We were hanging around our campsite in just shorts. ?It was too hot for the usual bugs, no wind and 100-degrees. ?It was weird. ?Just by habbit we had a fire going, but nobody was near it. ? By 11:00 though, we got a SEVERE thunderstorm with high winds and hail and all that crap.
We have been having some unusually high heat and humidity combinations the past week in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Sunday when I got in the Av in the garage, it was 107?F. Since I got my Av mid-February, I missed some of the cooler days of the winter but it did report 7?F once. I'm sure it will report lower this coming winter. My Grand Cherokee Limited reported -37?F when we were in Western North Dakota for Christmas a few years back.

Never less than 50 and I think it went to 40 once....now it stays in the 90's.....

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Max so far this year has been 115? while moving, not in traffic. Las Vegas is hpt in the summer! Stopped in traffic saw 130?, but that is just the heat from the other cars and the concret, the temp comes down as soon as you start moving. We saw 110? in April in Death Valley - that day set a record high for DV in April of 108? officially. My temp gage seems pretty good in the AV execpt when stopped in traffic or just getting started. Cheers - Jim
Well, while I was idling in the pond, my gauge went up to 122.

Not sure of the minimum, but I do remember it saying ICE on it... it was probably about 20 degrees or so.

My temp guage reading SUX! :8:

The dealer allegedly replaced the outside sensor and the friggin' thing still always reads anywhere from 8 - 10 deg high, and as much as 20 deg high before I start moving! :7: [/rant mode off] The highest I've seen is 119.

I'm dropping it at a Caddy dealer while visiting Pittsbugh this Friday and see if they do any better... :cautious: I'd be happy if it was within 5 deg of what the local weather reports say...