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MCM: Cell Phone List


SM 2003
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Jun 18, 2002
Fairview, TN
For anyone wanting to participate in a cell phone contact list, why don't we do this...

Please PM me:
Your real name
Your screen name
Your cell phone number (be sure to include area code)
Your email address

I'll compile the list and will send it out via email on FRIDAY late afternoon.  Please bring the list to the meet as we won't be supplying them while there.

I know that trAV and I want everyone to have our numbers in case you should need us at any point during the meet. 

The only rule, you've got to give your number to get the list.
Thanks for remembering to do this via PM so random people browsing the site don't get stupid ideas :)
most of my info sent.  if I can fine my NextHell phone, I'll send you an update.
what I gave you was overkill, but I couldn't remember what all you wanted....

I need some brain food - I can't remember a thing
KY_BOB said:
OMG, she going to be drunk dialing me at 1:00 in the morning her time.? That's 3:00am my time? :needhug:

don't worry, after the day i've had today, i should, w/ any luck, be drunk w/in the hour >:D
KY_BOB said:

:beating: make it 2 hours... darn customers don't realize that when 9pm hits... QUIT BUYING CARS !  i sooOOOOooo wanna go HOME !

now u're REALLY gonna pay when i call u @ 2 in the morning >:D

psst... earthquake... don't  :beating: me... just trying to bump your thread :D
Hugz said:
I missed something today I see
I'm sure my "crappy way to spend Easter" jokes will keep me out a lot longer than laughing at Holly.