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Meguiar's Tire Gel = Good Stuff!


Full Member
Sep 11, 2002
Parker, Colorado
Thought I'd give a thumbs up for the Meguiar's tire protectant gel. This stuff is the best I have found so far. The best thing about it is that it does not fly off. Absolutely nothing on my cladding or wheels. Plus it lasts for weeks, not days. And it is supposed to last through rain and snow. Have not tested that yet as it has not snowed or rained in Denver for weeks. But so far, it is performing as advertized.

Although I am upset that I paid $17 for a bottle at Great American Tire and I found it on their website for $7.
Glad to hear it. I've been using Black Magic Tire Wet for some years. I like it, but over time it tends to build up, requiring a good scrubbing of the tire.

I'll have to give this stuff a try. Wonder how much it is at Pep Boys?

PS This topic is going to get moved any second I'm sure! Got give those crafty moderators something to do!
Is it a cleaner too? Seems like everything I look at is just a shiner/protector that you put on a clean tire.
The stuff I've been using is Turtle Wax Formula 2001 Tire Gel. It's been pretty good. I paid $1 for it at the dollar store.