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Micro Fiber MF


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Jan 26, 2002
Los Angeles, California
I am fortunate to have a roomate who works for 3M so I get to try anything and everything.

The one product that I want everyone to try is called Scotchbrite High Performance Cloth. (with microfiber technology)

It is the softest reusable/washable cloth I have found.


I have been using it for applying polish, removing polish, cleaning glass, chrome, sunglasses, camera lenses etc.. Whenever you dont want to scratch the surface and or remove dust from a surface without the risk of scratching.

I beg you all to go get some. I know Costco carries them. I have not had to use cotton rags or towels since.

I promise that you will go ballistic with joy after trying them.
I have one but I do not find it is very plush. This scares me as it will not hold much dirt and the dirt it does hold will be close to the paint and could scratch.

For the same price there are better ones out there for paint work.

I do use the 3M one on glass though.
:eek: I am surprised to hear you say that. Are you Sure that you have the same cloths that I am referring to ?

The problems you mentioned are exactly what the Scotchbrite High Performance cloths are designed no to do. They are even recommended for use on Camera Lenses.

We have about 50 of them in rotation that we use on our cars and trucks. Most have been washed at least a dozen times. I just used them last week when I Zaino'd my AV for the first time.

Please tell me what the better ones are so I can check them out.

I got mine at Wal Mart package in a single container. It has a very small waffle weave type pattern. The cloth is about 12" x 16". Maybe they have more than one under the same scotchbrite name. I found this one in the computer section and they stated for use on monitors.

Try the following places:

www.neatitems.com AKA Neat Items

www.properautocare.com AKA Classic Motor Accessories

Neatitems are very good say a 8 out of 10 where as the ones from Classic are a 9 out of 10. The price difference is a lot.

I have been involved with grou purchase of the neat item ones and they get priced pretty cheap like $3 a piece. When at neat items check out the wholesale pricing it gets really attractive.

I think I will get the Hair Turbin ;D ;D ;D

I forgot to mention that other companies make copy cat versions of the cloth. I only have experience with the 3M Scotchbrite ones.
There are many people selling micro fiber but they are generally made in China, Korea, & Japan.

Korea has had the best quality for a while.

Micro fibers are really big in the clean room environment since they get special ones that do not lint and they clean with out water.

If you do not have one I strongly suggest buying some and trying them. I use them for household cleaning.

PS a tip buy the big bath towel from neat items and use it to dry your AVY. Many friends have have great success with it!!!
I found at WalMart the brand named Nic-Sand (http://www.nicsand.com) Micro-Fabric Cleaning Cloths.

One word, Excellent :)

They are only $4.86 for two. Much better than cameo's or towels. Great for drying the AV.
I only have experience with the true 3M Scotchbrite brand. They developed it and I trust them to be all I have claimed.
I use the Scotch Brite for my glasses. I bought it at Walmart. Of course, it's a small cloth. It's called a Lens cleaning cloth. I'd like to try some bigger ones.
The Nicsands are OK Micro Fiber towels. There are softer and thicker ones out there and you would love them even more.

I rate the Nicsands about a 6 on a 1-10 scale while the Neat Items rate a 9. Buy many different brands. You can never have too many!

I use the nicsand for my tires and cladding.

For testing harshness of towels get an old AOL CD and rub the towel on the CD say 50 times with medium pressure then examine for small scratches. Use one CD per towel and you can compare how they rate against each other for harshness.
My Roomate works for 3M. I get them from my garage :rolleyes:
I know Costco carries them and probably Wal-Mart. They shouldn't be to hard to find. Unless your in Afghanastan.
Not sure about Wal-Mart but would probably be a good bet, since I saw them a few weeks ago at Sam's Club. Started to get some, but didn't. After reading here, think I'll go back and try them out...

Okay, I've taken the plunge and ordered my Zaino. I hope that it is all you say it is. I know Zaino recommends 100% cotton towels - but will the micro fiber towels work? I really like them for everything else I do with the vehicles. Just like to hear everybody's thoughts. Thanks much!!!
Highly recommended.

I just got some this last week from my rep.
I even got a MF wash mitt.

MF's would be preferable over 100% cotton.

Here a related questions from a car detailing newbie. What do I look for in finding a MF (Micro Fiber) towel? What's a good place to buy one? Are they called "Micro Fiber" towel on the packaging or does it say something else? Are there different types (cotton, blend, etc.) of MF towels? Are there good/bad brands of MF towels?

TXAVy said:
Here a related questions from a car detailing newbie. What do I look for in finding a MF (Micro Fiber) towel? What's a good place to buy one? Are they called "Micro Fiber" towel on the packaging or does it say something else? Are there different types (cotton, blend, etc.) of MF towels? Are there good/bad brands of MF towels?

i have bought them from Wal-Mart, and from a carwash dispensing machine while traveling on the road once.
they are in the automotive secton at Wal-Mart. where the soaps and wax can be found. :B:
MF and Zaino......you will find the Mf to be a bit grabby to the paint when removing the Zaino but it pretty much removes most of it on the first pass......When using the QD and MF towel it is kinda the same where the MF is a bit grabby......you gotta get use to it.

BEST MF towels?

There are so many......but let me tell you where to get the best and then you can rate ones you find.......classic motoring accessories ...buy their most expensive one.......

the go out on internet and compare....Neatitems has good ones, PAKSHAK has good ones...SM ARNOLD has some too......hundreds sell them but some not all as good......