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Mid-Deck Poll (Purchase Interest??)

Would you be interested in buying plans or a Mid-Deck?

  • Yes - Plans

    Votes: 64 79.0%
  • Yes - Mid-Deck Full

    Votes: 2 2.5%
  • Yes - Mid-Deck 40/60/100

    Votes: 4 4.9%
  • Maybe

    Votes: 3 3.7%
  • No

    Votes: 8 9.9%
  • No - I like the other guy's one better

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


Full Member
Jul 25, 2002
Atlanta, GA
**** Please post after voting so that I can respond to thoughts, questions, etc****

It has been suggested to me by several members that I start selling my Mid-Deck (Original Post)

Click here for more pics


SO: ?here it is... ?I first need to determine ?if there is an INTEREST in people purchasing the one that I have designed (100% coverage model or a 40/60/100% coverage model) ?

To let me know if you are interested please "vote" and post with your answer after you vote in this thread

4 advantages to my design:
- 1. Simple, full or partial coverave of the entire rear area
- 2. Carpeted for a great "non-skidd" surface
- 3. For those of you with dogs, almost all of the dog hair comes out WITH the panel for easy cleaning (since the carpet catches nearly all of it.
- 4. It will fit with the Midgate DOWN as well, to cover up that slippery surface. ?Sometimes we travel with the midgate down, and it works really nice too. ?There is about 2 " of side to side play, but this hasn't proven to be a problem so far.

I am considering selling Measured drawings and instructions as well as completed units. ?

Measured drawings and instructions would *PROBABLY" Be around $20, if there is enough interest this cost would come down. ?These would be deliverable electronically (Adobe Acrobat). ?
With the measured drawings, it would take about 40 minutes to complete the "wood working" (only Extremely Basic skills needed) And carpeting takes about 30 minutes. ?I personally think that this would be the best value. ?It took me well over an hour to get a rough template and some serious tweaking to make it fit like it does.

Prebuilt would run around $70 for the FULL model and about $80 for the 40/60/100 model. ?What I have not figured out is HOW to ship. ?Shipping would be ACTUAL COST ONLY rounded to an easy to handle number. ?(I hate those 73 cent type numbers :) ?) ?Anyone willing to come to the Atlanta area could pick it up. ?

Carpet colors are limited but the one that I chose looks really nice

Click here for more pics

There has been a severe reduction of "in-Cab" dog hair since my dog started riding there. ?Even my Wife loves it! ?I leave it in all the time now, because it is easier to put my work stuff in there than to worry about sliding around on the seats. ?Great for Groceries, 2 person (or 3 depending on the model) road trips too!

Please let me know if you would be interested.
I like the one in your original post very much. Just this past weekend I had both my dogs in for the first time with the mid gate down and they slid all over the place. That mid-deck would be ideal. I would probably just want measured drawings as long as I don't need serious tools to cut the wood.
Great design and cool mod!!
Please keep me posted.

Gene said:
Would the 40/60 unit have somesort of lip on the one side so it buts up the to seat?


I am pretty sure it will be a Straight cut. But it will be fairly "tight" to the seat. The idea is to have them tight enough to work with either seat down, and to have them tight enough if you want the "full coverage" Hopefully I will have it done soon, but it may be pushed out 2 weeks or so with upcoming travel
Alright BMONINI We will give ya until Sunday night with this sticky.,.,.,.....

I juyst could not stand to see ya bump this thread every day.......
Just built mine from Brian's posts and side advice.
If you have an extra 3-5 hours to kill (buying parts, setting up, measuring, cutting, measuring, cutting, carpeting, adjusting, and cleaning up) then try to do it on your own.
But, With his measurements ($20), it would save you some time, and for $80 bucks from him......(my parts alone were $35 plus a trip to Home Depot)...I think I would like the one that he would build.
Just my advice. Good luck evryone.
The PLANS are almost Ready.. they are undergoing final review for thoroughness....

Let me know if you are interested
I guess I am too cheap and too handy working with wood.

Plans please, and I will make my own. $20 bucks will keep me from having to figure it out and mess up some good Luan.

My guess shipping will be stiff especially with 3/4" or 5/8" Luan.
Let me know when and where I can send a check. ?

If your ready to sell them email me at dstetter@njmc.com

I suggest offering it with carpet that matches as close as possible to the colors of the Avalanche factory carpet. ?I think there are only a few different options available for Avalanche interior carpet color's so it should not be to crazy to keep up with the different colors.

Also my dogs get wet and unfortunatly sometimes carsick. ?Any chances of upgrading the 5/8 OSB partical board to 3/4" ?plywood?

Looks great and since I am a computer guy and have 0 abilities in building and wood working I would be happy to pay your for your time.

One of the best mods I have seen so far. ?Looking forward to the split design pictures.

I'm interested in a full mid-deck. As for colors... anything that matches the charcoal carpet or the same color as the carpet where the rear window holder is located. Great job once again! (y)


If you want them, click through to my Mid-Deck Webpage.

What do you get??
An Adobe Acrobat file that is 10 pages long. ?It includes AutoCAD drawings and Illustrated instructions. ?Print it out, and you are on your way. ?Besides shopping time, you should be done in 1-2 hours!

What if I have Problems??
Let me know!! I will try to help as much as I can! ?You can email me at MidDeck@skiggles.com ?I will help with electronic download problems, and questions about building it..

Can I trust you??
YES! ?You may have read my posts before, but some of you are new... ?The only public "record" of me is my Ebay Profile! ?116 positives as of wriitng this...

But I wanted you to build me one!!
Patience grasshopper... ?I am about 2 weeks away from being able to commit to building these for people.. ?AND I still have to figure out how to ship them! (If you have ideas, PLEASE let me know...)

NOTE: I will be on the road quite a bit until after the Holiday Weekend, so I will probably only have time to respond briefly in the morning and more definitely in the evening. ?Starting July 2nd until July 8th, I MAY be totally offline. ?I will try to take care of all requests ASAP. ?Thanks for your understanding in this matter!

I can tell you all, since I was one of the first people that Brian shown the board to first, this is a must have item to be able to haul stuff inside the cab! (Dog's, Supplies, any item you would like to stack or stand up! I will tell you that it is something that in the near future I will be making one for my AV! The plans are very detailed (if you know Brain that is one thing he is detailed!! ZANIO!!) Anyway this things will make a great addition to your Avalanche and are not that hard to build!!


My 2 Cents!
I vote for buying the full - I don't have great wood skills :) My dog would love this - he is tired of sliding around on a blanket
Blueruck said:
I vote for buying the full - I don't have great wood skills :) ?My dog would love this - he is tired of sliding around on a blanket

Amen Brother!!

Agent M.
I will also be ordering the plans myself. :)
Great Idea on this one! :eek:

PS: I have seen a lot of great ideas posted within this site! I'm glad I became a member.
Alright everyone. I have dropped the prices 25%. If you have paid already, expect a $5.00 refund as soon as I get back to a High Speed connection.
Sounds like a good idea. Expect my check.

I don't have a problem paying someone for their "brain work" and creative ideas.

After all we aren't Communists are we?
I see the plans available. I was just wondering if you havew finished the 60/40 Mid-Deck yet and have any pictures of that.

Also have you decided if you plan to sell the finished complete mid-deck yet?

Yes, the plans are available, and I haven't built the 60/40 yet, but they are in the plans.

I DO plan on selling completed Mid-Decks. But I am out on business right now, and then I am going away for the holiday weekend.

I hope to start building them after the holiday weekend. I will do a 60/40 first, since there are pictures of mine (the full one) available already. Then I will set final pricing and start selling finished products. I will probably be shipping via UPS oversized shipping (I hope!) But I still have to find out about some of my frieght options.

I will post as SOON as they are availabe. Thanks for the interest!
I received notification my plans were available as was promissed. (I chose the download version.)

People, these plans are excellent. Well worth the bux especially for the DL version. THe plans are very explicit with step by step directions and pictures of what to do embedded. Tips are even included on carpet and how to get it to lay properly.

Once you get the plywood to the everall dimension all you have to do is pick a corner and make it zero/zero point. Ever measurement is and intersection from these two points. My guess bmontini is a draftsman or engineer. ;D

Traditional incrementally measurement plans are also in there.

People, you CAN build this med-deck yourself. All you would need is a cheap Black and Decker jig saw, a staple gun (unless you use carpet tacks), and a measuring tape. Of course a circular saw and a guide or a table saw would make the straight edges razor sharp but not required.

Caveat: I have no financial interest in the seller of the plans I am just a satisfied customer. The plans are well worth the $20 to keep the hassle and frustration level down.

Layout time using the supplied measurements will be about 10 minutes. No trial and error or remeasurements.
Thanks for the comments.. I appreciate it.. (and I did graduate with a Computer Engineering degree, but I did take a drafting course at some point :) )

Update on Completed Mid-Decks for sale...

I have had a few personal issues come up and I am still going to do this, but I am muddling through some issues right now. 40/60 split pictures should be available after the weekend.

Production should start soon on these, shipping will be the worst part. :(

I will post more as I know it.....
PLEASE POST ANY THING REGARDING THE SELLING OF THESE ITEMS ON THE http://www.chevyavalanchefanclub.com/cafcna/index.php?board=16;action=display;threadid=14014 THREAD... There is more info here as well...

OK.. I got pics of the 60/40 split model... I gave my dad a copy of the plans for the Mid-Deck, and he followed them (but he used a piece of warped wood! :) ) He cut everything according to the plans and here is what he got!

I will be building these and selling them complete with carpet. I originally intended to sell full mid-decks and 60/40 models, but I think it would be easier to mainly build the 60/40 models. Mainly due to shipping. However, I will still offer full size mid-decks. I will build them as ordered,


Both Installed


Big Side Installed, Single seat in place


Big Side Installed, Single seat in place


Small side installed, Large seat in place


Double installed


Dad's AV (Blue) and Mine (in garage)

PLEASE POST ANY THING REGARDING THE SELLING OF THESE ITEMS ON THE http://www.chevyavalanchefanclub.com/cafcna/index.php?board=16;action=display;threadid=14014 THREAD...