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Midgate down question...


SM 2007
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Mar 5, 2007
Hey all, did a search but couldn't find an answer.  This past weekend was the first time I put the midgate down.  The glass went in the holder fine, and folded flat.  I slid a desk in the rear all the way to the back of the front seats.  My brother climbed in and we heard a "crack"...I about crapped my pants...checked the glass and it wasn't broken. 

My question is this...How much weight can you put on the folded down midgate?  I checked the glass when it was folded, and it hits the hard plastic...even in the case, so there is rubbing on the glass.  The rubber grommets/stoppers don't seem to prevent the glass from hitting the hard plastic.  Any help is appreciated greatly!
Got pic to explain what you are saying....??

Midgate has rubber bumper thingys... that hit rear seats when folded.. this prevents glass from getting crushed...
Are your seats folding down flat?
If you store items under the seats. The seat wouldn't fold flat.

Maybe the cracking sound you heard. Was when the desk caught the edge of the midgate drain?
It's happen to me.
Thanks for the prompt replies...Nothing is stored under or around the seats.  I do not have pics...but will play around with it the next few days.  It seems as if the hard plastic that the midgate rests on with the bumpers, still hit the glass.  I will see over the next few days if I can fold it down again.  I'm glad that you can put pressure on the folded down midgate...probably an expensive item to replace  :rolleyes:
The midgate is sturdy. I wouldnt worry. I cut holes in mine and found out just how sturdy it was.
I weigh about 270 lbs and have crawled across an open midgate with window stored and no issues.
rumor has it that someone ran over theirs at a huge car show near Atlanta this past weekend and it didn't break.