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MIS August Race GTG


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Feb 1, 2007
Clarkston, MI
Right now I just want to gauge interest and see how big of a site we would need to plan for, infield/parking lot, etc for the NASCAR race in August at MIS.? The race is August 19th in the Irish Hills? Track link
Even if you are not a NASCAR fan, a race is definitely worth checking out once in your life, especially if you are a people watcher? >:D
I have been to the race almost every year and would love to go with some MI folks.? We basically have 2 options, grandstand seats (where you can see more of the action and tailgate out in the parking lot) or infield (where vision is limited but it's a party all day).? I have done both, and personally like the infield, but it might be eaiser to do the grandstands if we have a larger group.? So far I have found grandstand seats that range from $55-$85 a seat, still working on the infield pricing

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Oh yeah, and one thing to remember if you end up going... you can cheer for anyone (almost)  >:D


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Alright got the info on the infield:  it is $150 per site (for the weekend, Busch and Cup).  That is just for the site.  It looks like on top of that it is $85 for tickets per person for the weekend (or $100 if you want to bring your vehicle over), or $40 to go onto the infield the day of.  My thoughts are that if we went this route we would be better off getting 1 site for people who want to stay the whole weekend, and then whoever wants to come for just the race can pay the $40 ticket and be picked up somewhere and brought onto the infield.  In case this is totally confusing to you, Click here
Shouldn't the person that is putting on the gtg be on the "attending" list lol ???  You're funny!

And yes, even if you're not a NASCAR fan (me being one of them) it is still fun to go and hang out and people watch!!
Sounds good, added to the list.  I guess the main issue is that if we have a large group, it would be easier to all show off our rides in the parking lots, becuase there is not a ton of room on the infield (maybe 2-3 vehicles max per site)
Hey I'm in!!! Don't know if DIRT will be with me or not (what's new), so just me for now.

I am a "party all day" kinda girl. I could possibly come stay the night, will play that by ear. I am not much of a camper...more of a crowne plaza kinda girl  >:D
Added!  Camping in the Avy is like the crown royal, errrr plaza, whatever  >:D
Here is a some quick tidbits I forgot about earlier.  If you plan on coming out for only the race, plan on getting there pretty early in the morning and leaving later in the evening.  If you try to get there before it starts you will miss half the race, traffic is pretty nasty before and after.  Depending on how this works, I think it would be nice to get a site on the infield for the weekend.  If you could do a Saturday morning through Sunday evening you would have a good time, there are usually concerts and stuff on Saturday night on the infield.  I'm sure I will think of some more stuff, that's it for now  :B:
:E:  :E:  :E:  Concerts on the infield??? I love outdoor concerts! You are going to make me camp, aren't you???
From what I hear, the Av is the best RV ever made  >:D  I am excited to use my tent!  Plus, I think it would be cool to see 4-5 Avs parked in a campsite with tents and banners!
TKE927 said:
From what I hear, the Av is the best RV ever made? >:D? I am excited to use my tent!? Plus, I think it would be cool to see 4-5 Avs parked in a campsite with tents and banners!

Don't have a tent for the AV. Not getting a tent for the Av. Did I mention I don't like to camp???  >:D I camp once a year at that is it (Sirshopolot knows when that is) and thankfully I haven't had to camp in 2 whole years!!!  :woohoo:  But maybe there is a hotel nearby I can sneak off to  :D
There are a couple kind of close, Brooklyn is a small town though.
Maybe there are some others, I am sure you are not the only prissy princess that attends such events  >:D
TKE927 said:
I am sure you are not the only prissy princess that attends such events? >:D

Prissy Princess???  :beating: Hey, just cuz I like to sleep in comfort doesn't mean I am a prissy princess. Besides, I would like to be Queen  >:D
We have our tickets for the race as we have for the past 3 years.  Not in the infield though.  My bro is taking his Av too.  I have the tent for mine and he is still looking for one.  We would be up for a gtg.  Matt
So no Dreamcruise for you guy's  ???
MichiganSilver03 said:
So no Dreamcruise for you guy's? ???

That's the 18th, right? What time?? Could we do the Dreamcruise then head to MIS?? I'm up for whatever...just tell me where to be at what time and I'm there!
Actually you can, DreamCruise early then MIS, sorry MIS no twisties(Right turns). I'm more into Grand Prix racing. DreamCruise is all day
BTW every year MIS and DreamsCruise are the same weekend they complement each other