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Mods Starting This Weekend  


SM 2003
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Jul 13, 2002
Nashua, NH
My birthday is next Tuesday but since we will be on vacation we are having the party on Saturday and I know I'm getting some things for my Av ;D

I'll post pics after I get some stuff on it.

On a side note, I registered it today and got a vanity plate, my first choice was available.




Happy birthday Mark,hope you get some nice goodies for your Av!!!!
Happy birthday mark! Looking foward to seeing your mods at our soon to be cruise/meet ;D
Birthday wishes are in order....and I hope that you get all the goodies for your AV that you wanted....nothing like spending an afternoon upgrading.... :B:
Well, we had a great party and great weather.

I got the GM Avalanche mud flaps
GM Hood Protector with Avalanche etched in it
GM Avalanche windshield decal

And non-GM related.... A huge Brinkman gas grill/smoker... I can't wait to make some pulled pork!!!

I put on the mud flaps tonight, Fronts were easy, it took about 15 minutes for both. Backs, I had to remove the wheels. Total time for all 4 was an hour.

After I put everything on I'll post some pics.