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Moulded Mud Flaps



I know this is a stupid question, but don't the moulded mud flaps install behind each tire, not in front? I know if properly labeled they only fit one way, but if the labels on the flaps are wrong they will fit in front of the tire. Thanks. A picture would be helpful
Yes, the flaps go in back of the tire.
Pic will have to wait till tomorrow...dark now :cautious:

On edmunds they had a picture in the AVy section. THe cupped part goes towars the back so you can see the bow tie if looking forward at the truck.
The splash gaurds mount behind the tires in the rear of the wheelwells. They screw right into the cladding. The fronts you can put on by turning the front tires out of the way. The rears they suggest removing the wheels to do. I was able to put mine on without removing the tires. I did it that way because I wanted to be sure that the guards were straight. They stop a lot of the road grime from collecting on the sides and the steps. Well worth the money.
I just finished installing the front flaps. Pretty easy but the tapping screw on both front sides did not meet the cladding, so I had to make a new tapping hole lateral. Anyone else notice this?
Mine original screws worked with no problems..actually they seemed a bit too long maybe 1/8 - 1/4 inch.
Anybody else notice that if you install the rear mud flags to meet flush with the cladding they look slightly tilted in when viewed from the back of the truck? Is this normal?
Mine are straight and meet up with the cladding perfectly...hard to see the gap kinda like they were molded in.
helmutk , I am glad I am not imagining things. I took care in installing mine, and installed them flush with the cladding. However when I look at them from behind they do look a little turned in. I have not put a level to the bottom, but it looks parallel with the ground. I am ignoring it since I am not going to re install them.
I just installed the moulded mudflaps from www.gmpartsdirect.com .With shipping,the total cost was $65.00.They fit perfectly and are a perfect match to the cladding.They are WELL worth having.
??IMO,there is no need to remove the wheels.Turning the fronts makes plenty of room.The innermost screw on the rear is tight for clearance.Instead of drilling the hole in the cladding at that position,I took a small nail,held it in a visegrip,heated with a propane torch and easily popped thru for a starter hole.
??It helps to have a "stubby" phillps screwdriver or an angle driver to screw in that screw.The rest are accessible.As was mentioned above,the rears tend to "tilt" inward slightly,but can be aligned pretty well if you are careful.
It took about an hour for the install.This is definitely easy enough for a novice.
:) :)
Any tips on installing the flaps? I heard that someone had a cladding mishap where some road debris had hit the flap and poped out the cladding because the flap only screwed to the cladding and not the sheet metal.

Do I need longer screws?

Any help would be appreciated.
For what it is worth I have seen posts that have complained that the solid [molded] flaps can break off in really rough terrain. The mounting is not particularly strong - you may want to "reverse engineer" it as you install.

Ont the other hand - it may be better to lose a flap than the whole fender - sort of like a fuse.
I'd agree with gandolphxx,us the screws included and attach only to the cladding.Just snug the screws down firmly(don't overtighten).
There is a thread on pg.2 you can check out. :)
If they do ever break off you can probably put them back on justusing new screw locations.
I installed the rear flaps yesterday. I found that the upper screw did hit metal (?). After all the conversation here, I am wondering if I did something wrong... The other three screws all are into plastic only, but it seems to be quite sturdy. Time will tell...

Someone mentioned it elsewhere, but I can vouch for it; you can install the rear flaps without removing the wheels. You need; pliers, a small 1" common nail, a hammer (used sideways), and an "S" shaped (offset) phillips screwdriver is a must.

The fronts go on tomorrow, maybe. I will post pics soon.
Ditto as Helmutk. one sidce more so than the other it seemed.
I installed my mud flaps this past weekend.
It took a little thought but I did come up with a fairly easy way to do it with out taking the rear wheel off.

Get the right size drill bit 3/32" wrap the center of it with a few turn of first aid tape."to give you fingers something to grab" You will actually drill the hole using you thumb and forefinger. Use a wooden ruler or something similar between the end of the drill bit and your tire to put a slight amount of pressure on the back of the bit, this will help "drill" the hole faster, spin the bit with your finger and thumb and in a few turns you will have it through.
Not really as hard as it sounds.
Then to install the screws I use one of the replaceable tip screwdriver bits. They are 1/4" hex shaped with the phillips tip, and most of you will know what a boxed end ratchet wrench is "slips over the head and you can turn the nut by moving it back and forth if you need to loosen you flip it over" Works gret due to the close fit.

I too ran in to to metal on the top screw but it did not go into the metal, just kind of went along the side of it.
Resurrecting this thread 'cause I ran into an interestng "situation". Ordered front and rear molded flaps from gmpartsdirect.com. They came in 2 boxes, a pair for the front and a pair for the rear. I opened the rear pair and it was fine, so I decided to wait until the weekend to install both pairs. Went to open the "front" box this AM and it had 2 left side flaps and no right side!!! Sheesh....anybody out there get a box with 2 right side flaps!?!?!?!?!?

Guess I'll call gmpartsdirect on Monday and see what they want to do about it. Thought I'd pass it along.

Note to self: Henceforth open and check BOTH boxes when they come!!! :rolleyes:

RP-Sounds like the like the kind of luck I usually have ???.
Does anyone know if the front and rear flaps comes with the set the includes vent visors and front hood deflector from gmdirect?
Yep!Hood deflector,visor vents and moulded mudflaps.Search part#12497861.
Or go to www.gmpartsdirect.com then to chevy trucks,then to accessories(top of page),then click on "accessory Parts",then click on Avalanche......WHEW!
Resurrecting this thread 'cause I ran into an interestng "situation". ?Ordered front and rear molded flaps from gmpartsdirect.com. ?They came in 2 boxes, a pair for the front and a pair for the rear. ?I opened the rear pair and it was fine, so I decided to wait until the weekend to install both pairs. ?Went to open the "front" box this AM and it had 2 left side flaps and no right side!!! ?Sheesh....anybody out there get a box with 2 right side flaps!!!?

Guess I'll call gmpartsdirect on Monday and see what they want to do about it. ?Thought I'd pass it along.

I heard about some nightmares folks are having with GM Parts Direct in reference to returns and customer service (they don't have a real person to answer the phone to help you and things of such nature)... I am curious to find out how your return pans out. ?Could you let me/us know? ?Thanks

I heard about some nightmares folks are having with GM Parts Direct

Not a nightmare, but I had my tent and rear seat cover delivered last week, and GM Parts Direct had shipped both of the small boxes in a giant box large enough to contain a stackable washer and dryer. :mad: :mad:
The remainder of the box was filled with paper and cardboard. ?I have yet to look at the packing slip, but I'm sure I paid a premium for shipping 70% cardboard/paper and 30% product.
I would have appreciated the extra packing had I purchased an original collection of Faberge eggs, but what part of the tent or seat cover were they concerned about being damaged during transport?

frule-the description on the gm site is not clear if 12497861 includes both the front AND rear splash guards. For the money...that seems like a great deal.
boatnfool,I assume it is both,but am not sure.I got only the mudflaps (F/R),not the whole pkg.