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Mtv Cribs


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Jan 27, 2002
North Reading, Ma.
hey i was watching mtv cribs, it was a repeat and they had these rappers on there and one of them had a z66 avalanche with 20 inch wheels and a sweet soundingexaust. anybody else see this? was pretty cool to see that stars have avas too. Alex
seen it 10 minutes ago. They came out and was like everyones got to have a Z66. It was black. The rims were a bit much In my opinion.

The exhaust was sweet and he also had remote start. Did you also hear he has 50 vehicles? He said 200 rims


money must be nice

the show with the av was the CASH MONEY ALLSTARS. They sing back that @$$ up.

It was the new orleans special one i think. Ricky williams, some chick and cash money
Yeah New Orleans!!!!!
You just KNOW the Caddy Escalade EXT is going to be HOT in the videos...ridin' in the back with the b@#$&es ;)