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Murman Z-71 Av Hawaii,  brudder



Thanks to the cafcna, murman z71, and got change met up right here.

murman had a question or two about gcs mods, so I mailed him a letter.

I seem to post so much, sometimes a few weeks goes by before I go back and check up on them.

Well, today at work was just another day at the job, until the mail came in!

I open up a package from hawaii, and my av friend in hawaii sent me some cool pics of his av, some hawaii postcards, and two really cool keychains, a surfboard, and a hawaii shirt.

I guess you call this a transpacific av meet, cause my av pal murmanz71, is here with me today, and i'm gonna use the keychain,all the time.

Murman z71 thanks again, for being in the av club, and the only friend i have down hawaii way. as you say, aloha!

ps i will look you up when i visit hawaii, someday,takaez av bro
hey murman,z71 do me a favor bro, and post a pic of the hawaiian av on here will ya, that nice beach picture will do!!
Got Change,

Thanks for the kind words, glad to hear you got the package. ?It was just a way to say Mahalo.

I selected the "digital" block when I got the pictures developed, but the lab ignored the request.

Maybe I can bum a digicam someday.

I just installed stickers to cover the warning on the visiors. ?They are not "homemade", but really smooth. ?RCinSOCal gave me the hint. http://www.streamlinedesign.com/avalanche/index.html

Got Surf?

Murman :cool:
Great male bonding GC and Murman........
ygmn,...av bonding, as in bonding windows, in the sail panel area, decals on the visor, . mod bonding, across half the world, the av owners unite!

and I wonder what ... mahalo means?

it may be murmans secret code for av mod idea!

hey murman, that little key chain surfboard is attatched to the little key on my triumph hot rod motorscooter, and im gonna take it to cruise night in the back of the av this friday night.

a piece of hawaii, in fort laud fla

we still say, see ya later over here brudder

got change, to murman, may be record, for longest distance av correspondance, have fun, av bro!!
Got Change,

"Mahalo" is Thank You. :D

However, it seems to be mistaken for "Trash" at times, as it is routed into the trash can flap at most fast food joints on Oahu. :rolleyes:

Glad to hear you put the keychain to use on your Chopper. (y) Bikes are cool!!! ;) I ride a Harley-Davidson Sportster 883/1200 (62.5 HP at the rear wheel) (yep, I got mods) and I am PROUD OF IT! Just ask Blue Thunder. >:D

Many Mahalos,
Murman :cool:
thanks for the lesson, in hawaiian lingo, murman.

so the truck has mods, and the bike has mods, i see a pattern, here!

I dont remember a car i did not mod in some way, its pretty tough to leave something alone, we have to personalize our rides to make them ours!

hey, i dont exactly have a chopper, its more like a minibike, with 38 horsepower.

ill post you a pix one of these days.

gotaa go, and hey murman , mahalo back at ya for posting, now and then.

going to cruise night tonite......got change
I was in Hawaii last week. My wife and I went to Maui and Kauai for 10 days. When we were on Maui I saw probably 6 or 7 AV's and I think most all were modded in some way. This may not sound like many, but this is a really small island! I hated not having my AV there, all the more because I was sporting around in a Blazer (which, by the way, made me appreciate my AV even more, I won't ever be buying one of those!).
I saw only one or two AV's on Kauai, but that island is even smaller.
I knew that we had a couple of hawaiians in the club and I couldn't remember which island they were on, so I was always thinking...is that a club member?
Loved the islands, the weather was great, everything was too expensive, especially gas. What's up with $2.00 a gallon (that made me glad I didn't have the AV). Everyone was really friendly. If you haven't been, you've got to go!
Shaka! (y)
earthquake, yeah man, i want to go to hawaii some day.

maybe avis will rent avs by then!! gas prices are crazy, but 12 around town, and up to 20 on the open road is ok by me, cause my av does what i want, tows, big back seat, pull rear window for air flow on and on mile after mile.

Hey if you ever go back, to hawaii, contact murmanz71, before you go, ill bet he can tell you about some cool places to see, that only the locals will know about!!!

i have been doing this stateside, and meeting up with locals, all over the southeast.
as soon as both avs are parked together, you got a ..."MEET" and an instant friend!

ride on av brothers!!! got change

got_change said:
hey murman,z71 ?do me a favor bro, and post a pic of the hawaiian av on here will ya, ? that nice beach picture will do!!

Got Change,

I just picked up a digital camera. Attached is a shot of the AV and HD. I will shoot some photos by the beach and Diamond Head. (y)

Murman :cool:

[attachment deleted by admin larger then 100KB]
allright murmanz71, you have been digitized!!!

did you sere the post about a visitor to hawaii?
he probably saw you driving by, and didnt know you knew about the cafcna, pacific branch, in hawaii.

the av looks good, have you tried hauling the harley yet, in the back.

And murmanz71,.. I can see thw sail windows in there!!!
kinda subtle mod, just shining back at you.

keep on sending pix, to the club, have you organized the hawaiiav club yet???

bee seeing ya, and your pix, ...got change...later man!
Got Change,

I saw the post WRT the Hawaii vacationers. I do not think they where on Oahu. However, if they were and saw a Pewter Z71 with amber DRLs, it was me!!

I read the club's section on starting a club. I was a member of Old Dominion Vanners, Great Lakes Chapter when I was in IL. It was a club for "Biker families with kids". The thought of starting a club sounds swell, but I do not want to be the Prez. I will hopefully be headed to Bath, Maine in JAN03 to supervise the construction of the engineering plant of USS CHAFEE DDG-90. I will not return to Hawaii until SEP03. The ship will be stationed here in Pearl Harbor after construction. Bottom line, I would enjoy being a member of a CAFC of HI, but I do not want to be the "Founding Father". I guess I am getting old...

I have never had the need to put the Sportster of Fury in the bed of the AV. My Harley-Davidson runs fine, and has since it's birth in 1994. But I saw a post indicating that Blue Thunder is concerned as to if his new Honda VTx will fit in his AV. Hmmm... >:D

I have had several comments about the sail window mod, all were positive. My wife gave me a RC AV from Toymax. It came from the factory with the GC sail window mod!!!

Keep your knees in the breeze, Bro.
Murman :cool:

hello, murman , got change here, finally got a pix of my modded "scooter"

the original 7 hp motor fell out one day, and a 37 hp. 500 triumph fell in

1/4 mile 14.8 at 85 mph, in 3rd,, as for 4th gear top speed. I DONT wanna know.

take it ez murman, and dont mod those big ship engines too much, now!


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Got Change,

That is one cool mini-scooter. (y) I bet Verne Troyer would enjoy riding it aafter he gets out of rehab. ;D Is it a Mustang? I could not see the tank badge well.

I will make mods on USS CHAFEE. Just got to. However, with four GE LM-2500 gas turbine engines kicking out 100,000 HP, the mods will be for crew comfort and attention to detail.

Maybe we will pull into Fort Liquordale on the way to Pearl Harbor from Bath. I will give you a tour. Is the Candy Store still open?

hey murman z-71....yep you are right, thats my old 1956 mustang, with the triumph transplant.
i have had(good and plenty) the little devil since the 60's, one of the last things left from high school.

I catch some flak from a few people, now and then, for riding a little scooter, but when i turn my head, and watch, most peoples expressions about the mustang, they , can be seen muttering, that guys gotta be 1/2 crazy.

I kinda like that!!! once they hear that sweet 500 wind up to about 7000, they are all smiles.

If you do stop over in fort lauderdale someday be sure to look me up!! It will be good for an av ride for sure, but the candy store is gone,now. think its the cheeta, or tootsies these days!

happy holidays, hawaii av bro, and mod on brother!!.g-c

I will be sure to look you up if CHAFEE pulls in!!!


Murman :cool: